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  1. Rearange to find x in terms of y and t, in simplest form. (assume [math]y+3t\neq0[/math]) [math]y(y-x)=3t(3t+x)[/math] I have [math]x=\frac{9t^2-y^2}{3t+y}[/math] Is this the simplest form?
  2. Just likes to say thanks to you lot for answering my dumb (and sometimes intelligant) questions on the maths forums over the last few months. Thanks to you lot I may just get the B I need to get into Bristol uni (to do Biochemistry, not maths thankgod).
  3. why not just put [math]Ba(OH)_{2(s)} + (aq) \rightarrow Ba(OH)_{2(aq)}[/math]. Far simpler and does exactly what is says on the tin.
  4. I tend to prefer Nature, for generally better written articles, tho i do read articles from both.
  5. i did, what do i do with it once i got it in the form 2(cos x cos 50-sin x sin 50) = sin x cos 40 + sin 40 cos x?
  6. won't be too many more question, got my last maths exam monday but you help would be much appreciated. Solve for [math]0 \leq x <360[/math] [math]2cos(x + 50)^o = sin(x + 40)^o[/math] and [math]2cosx+sinx = 5[/math]
  7. i just spent the last week working on this kind of trig (it's a barstard) so lets see if i can remeber. .. nope damn well forgoten it, i'll get me coat.
  8. Bryn

    In our lifetime..

    If it involved sending making a copy of the human and then destroying the origanal i don't count that, proper teleportation has got to involving moving the origanal, not making a copy and then destroying the origanal.
  9. yes i'm trying to do it by hand, but the book i'm working from is riddled with mistakes, i dunno if i'm doing it wrong or if the book is giving mostly wrong answers.
  10. why does e intergrate to ex? [math]e^x[/math] intergrates to [math]e^x[/math] and as [math]e = e^1[/math] surely the intergral of e is also e?
  11. I've got this question i'm somewhat flumexed with. [math]\int_{e}^{e^2} \left(\frac{5}{x} + e\right) dx[/math] What've i've tried is as follows [math]\int_{e}^{e^2} (5x^{-1} + e) dx = [5ln|x| +e]_{e}^{e^2}[/math] [math] = (5ln(e^2) + e) - (5ln(e) + e)[/math] [math] = (5(2) + e) - (5(1) + e)[/math] [math] = (10 + e) - (5 + e)[/math] [math] = 10 + e - 5 - e[/math] [math] = 5 [/math] which evan i can see from just looking at the graph is wrong, but for the life of my i can't see why. I'm sure i've got everything right after the intergration, but i'm almost just as sure that've i've intergrated it correctly. Any help much appreciated.
  12. Bryn

    About ice...

    is the reason we add salt to water when cooking pasta/courgettes etc to lower the boiling temperature because they cook at less than 100 degrees?
  13. Bryn

    In our lifetime..

    I'd say the average lifespan is by far the most likely. I wouldn't be surprised if the twenty somethings of today live half a millenium. The least likely is colonization of mars. Outpost yes, quite soon, but i can't see proper colonization happening in my lifetime evan if i do live 500 years. o thats exluding teleportation, which'll probably remain a fantasy for some million odd years yet.
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