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  1. Yeah but the balloon analogy does it pretty poorly. From the layman's perspective the balloon is still expanding a way from a "center." If you explain that our Universe should only be thought of as the surface of this expanding balloon then you might as well explain what a hypersphere is otherwise the analogy wouldn't make sense to a layman. In other words, go into more detail.
  2. A finite but unbounded Universe can be thought of as the surface of a hypersphere. I don't understand why that analogy is never used.
  3. There are some forms of cancer that can be cured (at certain stages). There are many people who have been cured of cancer. AIDS, like diabetes, can be treated but not cured.
  4. So why do people who use chewing tobacco get cancer if it's the smoke that causes cancer? There is no smoke in chewing tobacco.
  5. I hope we discover life on Mars soon....
  6. It looks like you are talking about parallel universes in regards to the "many worlds" interpretation of Quantum Mechanics. The butterfly effect has nothing to do with it. The reason there are other you's has nothing to do with probability. Rather it has to do with the "splitting" of one universe into many universes when a measurement is made. Check these links out: http://science.howst...l-universe2.htm http://en.wikipedia...._interpretation
  7. The same reason that a proton or neutron can't be divided in half? The argument here is not whether or not quarks have substructures but that "half a quark" makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.
  8. Perhaps but it's most certainty not "half a quark." The point here is that matter is not infinitely divisible.
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