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  1. well,I am asking with reference to genetics that could we do a fourteen point test cross.
  2. Is it possible to make a fourteen point test cross?
  3. TANIA

    Help me!

    OK.Thanks for guiding me.
  4. TANIA

    Help me!

    What are RFLP,and what are their importance in genome analysis?
  5. TANIA


    Thanks to Paralith and Charnoy! But I have a confusion that the bacterial restriction enzyme does not recognize its own DNA to cut coz the restriction site become methylated but if we incorporate the restriction enzyme into the genome of other bacterium it will recognize n cut the site coz there is no methylation,so when in the labs when we transfer the DNA from one strain to another,then why it is not destroyed by the restriction enzyme of the recipient strain.
  6. TANIA


    During transformation in the laboratory the DNA does not destroyed,even it is not methylated.why?
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