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  1. can anyone educate me on this topic, as i would like to integrate it into my lab report results, also thats what the lecturer suggests. i have 3 sets of results with 4 readings each against time with 1.5s interval from 0 upto 6s. thanks alot
  2. well.. coz im not sure wot field it shd go into... do u get me? coz dis lab report consists of both biology and biochemistry!
  3. hey im doing a lab report and i need to calculate the total enzyme activity for different marker enzymes. i need the molar extinction coefficient for the calculation of total enzyme activity for the following enzymes, - 5' nucleotidase - glucose 6 phosphatase jus wondering whether if u guys can help.. thank you
  4. hey, im doing a lab report and need to calculate the total enzyme activity for differnet tissues fractions. Jus wana know if u guys know the molar extinction coefficient for the following enzmyes. -5' nucleotidase -glucose 6 phoshatase thank you
  5. c is contant otherwise einstiens theory would be rubbish. c has always thought of a contant in a vacumn, i really dunno why the polls have a 46% yes it does change.?
  6. theres no outside the universe, as said b4 the universe is making space/time as it expands, however it does said to have a limited size but Ho(Hubbles constant) is not determined so accurately(yet) so unable to calculate the critical density, which relates to the future of the universe. the future being: 1 the universe will get to a size and start contracting(big crunch) or 2 the universe will get closer and closer to a limit but never to reach it (similar to an asymtote on a graph)
  7. cosmological contant doesn't exist, it was just something eistien thought of because he thinks the universe is static, but his calculations showed that it wasn't therefore producing the comological constant so to match everything
  8. chuman

    the psychic brain

    very interesting, does that mean a mass can travel faster than c?
  9. what is time though relative to the other 3 dimension?
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