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  1. ehh, ill try stuff and get back to you.
  2. wait. what about cotton not a good shock absorber?
  3. ill try, i doubt ill be able to make it 10 by 10, but thank you! ill let you know how it goes. off to work. blah... lol
  4. haha okay, ill use duck tape but the problem is i cant use bubble wrap
  5. i was thinking pieces of cork, not like a whole sheet. that way it will still crumple with the paper mache, but it will be heavier...
  6. sounds good rubber bands for seatbelts maybe?
  7. i was going to try paper mache with a cork lining, it will be like a car, a crumple zone. id fill it with cotton or some cushion, and maybe seatbelt the eggs?
  8. its so frustrating, but i know its possible to do it, because people have made some in the past that are close to 5 cm by 5 cm, still 1/2 lb! its insane
  9. you cant have anything that would create a drag you can have stablizers i think, but thats pretty much it
  10. "If you're not confused, you're not paying attention." - Tom Peters
  11. so heres the deal, i have a project due friday. eek, where i have two eggs, in a device no larger than 10 cm by 10cm, i can use anything but food products, and have to drop it 6 meters down, both have to survive... no cracks. i want to increase the time of impact as much as possible, and increase the SA that hits the ground, it also has to be over 1/2 lb in weight, any ideas?!!!?
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