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  1. Check out this image from the Keck telescope of Saturn. Its multiple infared exposures. The article says its the sharpes images ever taken of Saturn from the ground. http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story2&u=/050204/480/ny11302040632&e=6&ncid=1756
  2. Ive been thinking of getting a telescope. I saw a telescope review in Astronomy Magazine. I think it was a 10" Orion. It said you could see Jupiter up close and you could see the shadow of the moon on the misty clouds of Jupiter. My question is, if i get a big 10" scope like this, what will it be like for observing things like the Plaides and the Moon. Can you switch the eyepieces or whatever to get a whole view of the moon with a big scope like that.
  3. There is a theory that a Mars sized object collided with Earth, sending up an enormous amount of debris which orbited the Earth and eventually came together to form our moon. I recently saw on the science channel a picture of Mars where it looked like it had a big scar on the side. I was thinking maybe it was actually Mars itself which rubbed up against the Earth taking a chunk out of the Earth and leaving a scar on Mars. Its not as good a picture as i saw, but here is the "scar" i was thinking of. Its the wide canyon-looking feature that is in the lower center area that spreads out horizontally. In the other pictures i saw on tv, it is much deeper than it appears in this picture. http://www.unet.univie.ac.at/~a9503672/astro/grafiken/solar/mars.jpg
  4. A lot of problems in psychology are due to unresolved conflicts. Not physical, but inside your head. Memories are stored in your head in clusters of similar subjects. So if you have something you are worrying about repeatedly, it is probably not being stored correctly and keeps popping up in your head waiting for you to take it apart and put it in its right place. So take your "worry" and think about it. Think about what and why it is bothering you. Once you have your "worry" disected, take the individual parts and find a way to rationalize it or find a way that you can cope with it. It is always good to talk to someone you can trust. A lot of times an outside point of view can really put things in perspective. With unconrollable anxiety, you may want to talk to a doctor. My advice is to find a doctor you like, and that you wanna talk to.
  5. The tether idea works because it actually does create a simulated gravity. I think it would be like centrifugal force or something. But the magnets i dont see working. The forces would have to act on the person, the muscles, the bones. Not on a metal suit that they are wearing. Im not sure how magnetic force would react to a person without the metal suit, but im sure someone with more knowledge of physics could answer that.
  6. wouldnt the second foci be Earth itself. Do the Earth and the Sun pull on each other like the Earth and moon.
  7. I saw a show on the science channel about this. They said it is very possible that if Earth's moon was destroyed that it could make a set of rings similar to Saturn's. As long as the debris left over stayed within the gravitational pull of earth, the debris would orbit the Earth. Over millions of years, the rotation of the debris would cause it to flatten into a disk. Also, the theory is that the rings of Saturn are being pulled into the planet by gravity and will eventually burn up in the atmosphere and disappear. As for the effects of the Earth not having a moon, i cant remember what they said. I dont remember any mention of nuclear winter, but there would definitely be chaos with the oceans. I think they said that without the moons gravity pulling on the oceans they would spill over due to Earths rotation.
  8. so what are photons. are they an actual molecule or what?
  9. Bipolar, schizophrenia, and adhd all have similar symptoms. But they can easily be told apart with a cooperative patient. Im thinking that, like you said, a 9 year old girl probably just nods her head at everything the doctor says. Now that she is 19, it would be a good idea to have her see a psychiatrist. From personal experience i know that it can be very hard to tell the truth about what is going on inside your head. She may never feel that she can say what is truly going on in her head, which would make it quite hard to get an accurate diagnoses. I was in a very similar situation. I was diagnosed with bipolar, schizophrenia, and a number of many other things. I never told anyone what was really going on in my head. I have figured out what is wrong with me, and i just feel scared to tell anyone. Mostly due to the facts that it is embarrassing, i dont want my parents to worry, and what will they think of me if they knew. With a specific list of symptoms and behaviour i could probably tell you what she has.
  10. The answer is pretty simple. You are probably using methods of deception in whatever it is you are doing. Its not that hard to make someone beleive something that isnt true. Its called being a used car salesman. I cant even begin to think of what reason a hacker would have to try and "break" someone. Are you threatening them? If not, you arent "breaking them", you are deceiving them. And where in the world of computer hacking does pain threshold come into the equation. What exactly is it that you are doing. We need more details to answer your question.
  11. I was thinking about the so called vacuum of space a while back, and wondered how gas takes the form it does in a perfect vacuum. In a perfect vacuum, all the particles of gas would just sink, like anything else. I saw on the science channel recently that there is something called antiparticles. I cant remember for sure, but i think that is what they were called. And these antiparticles seem to appear and disappear in and out of the physical world that we know of. So this accounts for part of what could make up the "atmosphere" of space. To get to my point, on the same show they were talking about photons, particles of light. I thought, there are endless numbers of photons shooting through the universe at any given time. So wouldnt particles of light, photons, be another thing that proves that space is not a perfect vacuum. Give me your thoughts on photons and antiparticles(if thats the right term im thinking of).
  12. Ah, Tool quotes. Great song. Nicely put Sorcerer. Anyway, I would think that mankind could survive a comet hitting the Earth. As long as it wasnt as big as the moon. First of all, we would be able to detect it probably a long time before it got here. And we would probably know exactly where it would hit. So there would be plenty of time and knowledge to prepare let alone anything the government has cooked up to destroy the comet. Because im sure that the government has made some preparations for such an event. Like a huge bomb shelter dug into and under a mountain. At least all the most important government officials, scientists, and engineers would be safe. The only problem i see is where would they get food after the ice age began. As for total desimation of mankind and future civilizations finding evidence of our existence. I would say they most certainly would. Once the ice melts away, all those skyscrapers and paved roads and other stuff surely would not just disappear. They may be buried under rock or whatever else, but it would probably not be that hard to find.
  13. Yeah, i agree. Hubble still could serve a purpose for many years to come. Like you said, there is so much demand for use of telescopes. While newest research will be handled with the new telescopes, there is probably a limitless need for secondary research in which the Hubble could take care of. It does seem like it would be a huge waste to just forget about it.
  14. I know a few months ago there was a lot of debate on whether or not they should go up and maintain the Hubble Telescope. And with all of NASA's budget going towards Mars and a possible space station on the moon in the next ten years, NASA has decided to forget about Hubble. I dont know if this is old news, but i just started reading a book and it seems that there is no need for worry about the loss of Hubble. Planned for a 2011 launch NASA will replace the Hubble with what will be called the James Webb Space Telescope. Its being constructed with what they called "next generation" technology. It will be the largest and most powerful space telescope ever built. The James Webb Space Telescope will be about half the mass and more than twice the lens size. The James Webb will be 10 to 100 times more sensitive. Im comparison, the Hubble's lens is a solid block weighing about one ton and is 8 feet across. The James Webb will consist of smaller, lighter hexagonal segments and will measure 20 feet across. The 20 foot lens is actually too big to fit in the space shuttle so it will fold up for the flight and then open itself once its out in space. So instead of being disappointed that the Hubble is being put out of commission, we can eagerly await the more powerful James Webb Telescope. Like i said, they plan to launch in 2011.
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