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  1. 1 plum.... in his brain.... mwahahahahahaha
  2. What if it stood for say.... The 230th word in the dictionary or something along those lines.... MAybe you should try to look that up and see what you get.
  3. Alright, thanx. I've redone my idea, but have yet another question... What is the effect where when objects are placed in water, they float to the edge of the container and "stick" together. Sort of like a phobia... Then can that be applied to say gasses and other substances???
  4. Well, suppose I can't get my hands on any of those things. Is there a way to predict how elements would combine to get the ideal characteristics? Or do I have to test possibilities?
  5. Well... I can't tell you everything, but it involves making real time 3-D models by having a computer output some type of force along a grid to alter the shape of a perferably soft material. (like in X-Men if anyone's ever seen it).
  6. Alright, I have this awesome idea for something in my head, and I need a special material for it, I am not sure where to find such a material. How might I chemically make a material that can alter its shape by conducting voltages through it. For example. Raise a part when a high voltage is run through it and lower a part when low voltage is put through it. Or something along those lines. Any help would be greatly appreciated. -The Nautolian
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