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  1. i have ethyl cellulose and i want to make gel fuel how do i go about it? anybody?
  2. i have been trying to make calcium acetate using egg shells and vinegar. when i first put the egg shells into the vinegar there is a fizz that shows that a lot carbon dioxide is being produced, after some time the more i put egg shells into the solution the less the fizz. now there is virtually no real fizz. no bubbles rising. is that the point of saturation?
  3. i have hydrated lime and vinegar which has 4% acetic acid. i need to know how to make calcium acetate which i ned to use in the gelling of ethanol for gel fuel/sterno
  4. i have hydrated lime and vinegar. now i need to know the ebst method for making calcium acetate
  5. hi please give me the instructions for making calcium acetate using hydrated lime and acetic acid. how do i get it to crystallise?
  6. The Ethanol Is Basically 95% Alcohol. When It Is Thickened It Burns Slower.
  7. i am in Zimbabwe, africa and here we have plenty of ethanol at a cheap price but people still use kerosene/paraffin for cooking. i need the ethanol to thicken so i am looking a suitable thickening agent
  8. i want to start making ethanol on a small scale and was wondering how to get it to gel.
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