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    I've always wondered why they would put something like this here.....I don't think anyone wants to be stalked...
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    Hrmm...Well, I really like to draw, though, I wouldn't say that I'm really any good at it...^-^"
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    Well, I'm probably not nearly as smart as other people on this site....well, actually I HAVE been told that I'm a smart ass......I don't think that counts, though....
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    I take honors classes and I'm thinking about taking a class for herpetology
  1. What occurs once in every minute, twice in every moment, yet never in a thousand years?
  2. About to take an exam. Wish me luck! ^-^

    1. imatfaal


      Happy birthday by the way. Hope the exam went well

  3. I have no clue, but it's amazing that only one egg was cracked
  4. Jack Smeltzer broke a record in the tractor pull championships in Columbus, Ohio, in January -- doing a "full (track-length) pull" of 692 pounds. Jack is 7 years old. The National Kiddie Tractor Pullers Association (holding 80 events a year for ages 3 through 8) uses bicycles instead of motors. Ms. Brooke Wilker, 5, was the youngest champ, lugging 300 pounds 28 feet. [Columbus Dispatch, 1-31-2011] This article courtesy of newsoftheweird.com
  5. I've got a Ball Python. Always liked reptiles, since they're so interesting.
  6. This has nothing to do with any riddle...I just wanted to say that I LOVE your signature!
  7. Lighter than what I am made of, More of me is hidden than seen, I am the bane of the mariner, A tooth within the sea, Speak my name.
  8. What do men fear more than death and love more than life? What the poor have and the rich desire? What a spendthrift saves and a saver buys? What do all men carry to their graves?
  9. So true. I guess I've never thought about that...
  10. You're trapped in a room with no windows or doors, you have only two halves of a table. How do you get out?
  11. He loses 100 yen...but I'm still confused as to why the guy would bother to make counterfit money that's worth about a dollar.....
  12. According to a case report in the New Zealand Medical Journal, announced in August, yet another person has swallowed whole a standard-size toothbrush. (A 15-year-old girl, running with the toothbrush in her mouth, tripped and fell, and her gag reflex did the rest.) This article is courtesy of NewsodtheWeird.com
  13. So, I was reading one of my favorite online news papers, News of the Weird, and I thought that this deserved a blog! There was recently a 6.6 earthquake in California right next to an egg farm. The egg farm produced about one million eggs daily. The total damage of the egg farm was only one cracked egg! Cool, right?
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