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  1. The reason cell phone and wireless radiation doesn't cause problems is because it is non-ionizing. All that radiation can do is heat up particles, causing them to resonate. So if you were to get blasted by a cell phone tower, sure you might have some problems, but more along the lines of being microwaved. Also Tesla did succeed in power transmission through the air, and through the earth. The only reason wireless power transmission didn't flourish was because his financial support noticed you can't easily make people pay for it. Tesla wanted electricity to be free, but the bankers and the like stopped that. Just now are they finally rediscovering Tesla's research it seems.
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    Mouse traps are pretty cool for propulsion, but I notice this is wayyyy late heh.
  3. The only part of the computer that would take cold negatively would be the hard drive, and that is only when it's cold enough to freeze or gum up the bearings. As suggested above, check all the temperatures of your hardware. I think it is likely something else that coincidentally seems to be the cold.
  4. Okay this is what I vaguely remember from biology. I believe the cause of having two different colored eyes is because the protein (I think that's right) is read wrong. As in you have blue eye genes, but in the creation of your eyes your DNA is read wrong and the bad information is passed on. On another note, I have green eyes, but in my right eye I have a brown streak. It's my only birthmark, and I have no idea how that happens. I suppose on the same premise?
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