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  1. How to get KNO3: Go to the nearest Home Depot or Lowe's and Buy stump remover... the stump remover is 99.9% Potassium Nitrate I have used it often.. it usually goes for around 6 dollars for 2 pounds
  2. hello everyone i hope you can help me out.... Today my chemistry teacher gave us this experiment: to find out why the percent yield of the production of CO2, that you get from the reaction when a alka-selzer is put into water, is only 1-6% the chemical reaction is as follows NaHCO3 + H20 ---> CO2 + H2O + NaOH I used 1.78 grams of Alka-selzer (NaHCO3) or 0.02119 moles After doign the math on paper i should be getting 0.02119 moles of CO2, but in reality i can only collect .000447 moles. Could anyone explain as to why it is such a lower percent yield? My teacher also said that the secret lies within the indegeridents, (which are asprin, and citric Acid) (please forgive my spelling i was in a rush to get to work) Thanks in advance, Greg
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