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  1. What is the final pH of a solution obtained by mixing 200 ml of 0.400 M NH3 with 300 ml of 0.100 M HCl? (Kb = 1.8 x 10^-5) I used an ICE table and came up with 9.68. Is that correct? Should I have used two ICE tables instead of one? The first in the one direction and the second going back in the other direction?
  2. Fill in the blanks. The first workable fraction in the enzyme purification is the __________. Each subsequent successful purification step should show an increase in ____________ and very little decrease in __________________. To keep track of all proteins during each step, we would typically run a general protein assay, such as the ________, which utilizes the dye Coomassie Blue, which binds to ___________ groups in proteins. What I have so far: 1. Crude 2. Not sure if it's specific activity or fold purification. 3. 4. Bradford assay 5. Hydrophobic
  3. A student wants to purchase some trypsin to use in a protein sequencing. Company A offers 200 I.U.'s of the enzyme with a specific activity of 405 I.U./mg at a price of $200. Company B offers 150 I.U.'s of the enzyme with a specific activity of 450 I.U./mg at the same price. Company C offers 405 I.U.'s of the enzyme with a specific activity of 200 I.U./mg at the same price. Which company(s) should you buy from? I get Company A and/or Company C. Is that correct?
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