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  1. Normally I'm consevative ,but in this case one is to many I think its time to ..count our losses and get out of Iraq Ithink it was stupid to go in inthe first place if you don't have a plan to get out. sure don't see any of these congressmans and Senaters families volunteering to go and get shoot at or carbombed. How many is to many:
  2. How do those of us in agriculture convince the general public that what we are doing in biotech is for the betterment of society that biogenetic is an asset to peolple and the enviroment by not havig to use more pesticides . Idon't think people realize that some biotech and genetic research that we use on plants and animals may one day bennefit humankind also could some one please answer this quetsion becuase it sometimes very exhuasting trying to explain this to people who don't have the knowledge , but we try.
  3. The different I would make is rarher than another testgive that person the opprotunity to learn a trade our school systems in this country teach like every one is going to colege and only about 25%-30% do So lets teach a trade or service oriented profession It takes a good Tradesoerson to build a college:
  4. Glider and Ryan J I really appreciate your straight forward and direct discussion I believe that it depends on the addiction there are different kinds as we all know I have found that a lot fo peolpe are adicted to something and don't realize itHow many people get up and they have to have their caffine fix. So it dosn't nave to be drugs or alcohal or computers and other things a guess it depends on the person.
  5. True,But what happens when its a Pyscological addiction that you are dealing with, such as eating disorders. how do we counter these addiction.It would seem to me that human vanity plays a big part in these addictions
  6. Addiction can also have to do with genetics some people are more suseptable to addiction and enviroment can have a lot to do with if you enviroment has alot fo people who have an addiction more than likely it would be easier to become addicted to what ever
  7. The question Iposed was not racist or evil it was to get people to think . there extremist of every color race religon and sex the thing to do is find out who they are.ignore them and pretty soon they figure out that know one is listening or paying attention and they either die of boardum or just fade away. I have friends and associates f every color race religon and sexual orientation and you know what makes each one special is the person
  8. I would like to ask this qestion to all of you If there was a black child sitting in the middle of the railroad tracks and there was a train coming and you were able to save that child would you do it and why
  9. I was doing some research on NOAA about weather conditions and come across super typhoons can someone explain to me what makes a super typhoon
  10. this is just and idea where I live there is a lot of animal waste do to the fact that there are a lot of dairies what if we build a large aneroic digester to process the waste by creating methane gas then use that to create clean safe energy
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