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  1. hello, thanks you yeah, i also read the specification of Stereo Microscopes and i can use that too but that one is best for viewing Animal Mineral Specimens and also fits in Industrial Applications. but yeah..its also great for viewing coin. its not to much expensive too. Metallurgical Microscopes this one is really for Coin because its Ideal for Identification and Analysis of the Structure of Different Metals and Alloys. and have Eight Magnifications: 40x, 64x, 100x, 160x, 400x, 630x, 640x, and 1008x. but it will cost too much. I get this idea in one of Microscopes Dealer Site.. they have complete category and also they sell accessories too. thanks you so much.. i'm still waiting for more suggestion in this matter. thanks
  2. Hello, I don't have time to watch our backyard, but i already seen lots of insect but only in fossil amber and i know most of the insects common name and some of their scientific name. such as jumping Spider, Weevil, Scorpion, Pseudoscorpion, moth fly, wasp, tick, worker ant, male ant, Stingless bee. but we can view those insect on fossil if we will use microscope. by the way , i am working in one of a microscopes Dealer and also we do sell fossil amber stones. and i know that some people cares insect.
  3. Hello insane_alien, Mokele, Cristina Thank you for all the suggestions, i really appreciate it It will help me a lot. :cool: Magnifying Glass, yeah i think i can use it to. Regarding on the scopes that you guys suggested me to use. I do search one of the Best Dealer Microscopes Site, and I’m so happy to find one. They have complete category of Microscopes such as Video Microscopes, Metallurgical Microscopes and Stereo Microscopes etc. In Video Microscopes i read the specification, and yes i can use this to view my coin I think, but this one is great for inspection, especially to assembly lines and circuits. Metallurgical Microscopes, this is the best one I think because they have the magnifications of 40x, 64x, 100x, 160x, 400x, 630x, 640x, and 1008x. And this Microscopes is use to Identify and Analysis of the structure of Different Metals and Alloys. Regarding on Stereo Microscopes, yes not to much expensive. I can use it too but this one is best to view animal specimen. Anyway thanks a lot, i will try to search some of their products if which is the best one that fits for my hobby. I really like this site, they have plenty types of microscopes and accessories. Thank you again..
  4. Hello Guys, I'm in to coin collecting and i don't know which specific microscope i could use for my hobby. All suggestions and tips are most welcome. Thanks in advance.
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