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  1. Now we have an entirely different possibility arising: Can time stop? If not, if it simply slows to a crawl, can the force inwhich makes it slow, in this question a blackhole, actually tear the fabric of space? Into subspace or hyperspace, or another overlying plane inwhich one can once again accelerate into? If this is the case, when your velocity ceased and you once again began to slow, would you drop out of this other plane back into 'normal space' or would you simply be held there at a constant speed?
  2. The point doesn't come across until the 5-6th disks, the music is however extremely annoying. After disk 5 of the series it starts actually working its way to a point
  3. 1: JaKiri, do you ever actually explain what you say, or do you simply make statements and expect them to be taken as fact? 2: Many of Einstein's theories have thusfar been disproven. Indeed, if using realitivity one cannot travel faster than the speed of light, however that was not the question. If, at some point, you can indeed travel faster than light, what would time do from your perspective? In a blackhole, something inwhich draws in lightwaves, curving them to its gravitational pull... would not light's speed actually have to increase? As well it has been proven that light speeds up and slows down nearer and farther from gravity wells as it travels, thus why light curves.
  4. Thought I would introduce, say hi, and other such non-sense. Name is John, Philosophy and science by hobby, nothing really special to say. Hope to enjoy conversing with you all soon.
  5. (is it me or do people use rather large words in places that they could use rather simple ones and get the same point across? anyway moving on.) Level would be the perspective on a single plane of existance that would constitute "flat". Though, if one wishes to be technical, you cannot gain a level surface within the universe, being as it rotates on not only three planes, but thousands. So, even if you can gain a "flat" surface on one plane, it is still not level in comparison to the other multitude of other planes. So, really, its all based on what I said at first, perspective.
  6. I have a simple answer to the question... watch the anime .Hack//Sign
  7. I cannot remember who said it, however once I do infact remember I will kick myself, that at the speed of light time slows to a near stop, atleast for you. Taking this into mind, if in a black hole, where things must move faster than light (thus the reason light cannot excape etc.) Then if time Stops at the speed of light, does it go backwards when you accelerate past that speed? And if so, wouldn't when you enter the black hole, you be reveresed in time as soon as your velocity hit the breaking point of the light barrier? At that point , would you ever actually fly into the black hole?
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