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  1. Great towers of logic based on a false premise will fall. You are trying to make something complicated that is very simple. Time is the result of movement in space of anything. No movement no time.
  2. Great towers of logic based on a false premise will fall. You are trying to make something complicated that is very simple. Time is the result of movement in space of anything. No movement no time.
  3. Time is the result of energy acting on something to cause movement. Movement means that something is not where it was. Because something cannot be in two places at once,time is the price charged for energy causing something to change its place in space. The Universe is a seething cauldron of individual energy units called "AEons". AEons are constantly in motion at the speed of light. Everything is composed of various patterns of these energy units (Photons,Electrons,Protons,Neutrons, Nutrinos and even magnetism and all of the observed short lived psudo-particles. The Dynamic AEther of The Universe is a time generator because the fabric of The Universe and everything in it is constantly changeing its place in space.
  4. This is another way to consider gravity that seems to answer many questions. AEons..…. William B. Luton as documented in his Paper "The Pressureon / Forceon Concept of Reality" suggests the following concept: The early Universe existed as randomly moving Dynamic Energy Particles "AEons". Eventually every possible combination and pattern of these randomly moving particles was generated. The stable Photon Wave, in harmony with the frequency of the Universe, emerged from this random chaos by chance. The Photon wave is a spiraling pattern in the Universal Field of Dynamic AEther constructed of AEther particles called AEons. Below is an upgraded version of of the subject "AEons" published on the PhysOrg Quantum Physics forum. AEons are….... AEons are AEther-ons…….. AEons are Energy packets…….. AEons movement results in time…….. AEons are the AEther of the Universe…….. AEons move constantly at the speed of light……... AEons are cause and effect.-(Energy and Matter)….…. AEons are tightly spaced expanding packets of Energy…….. AEons occupy finite space are hyper elastic and have no shape…….. AEons are spiraling electromagnetic fields surrounding Photon Waves…….. AEons are spiraling patterns that are Photons, Electrons, Protons and Neutrons…….. AEons are spiraling Electromagnetic fields surrounding Electrons, Protons and Neutrons…….. AEons move in random fashion in space when not influenced by Photon Waves (Light Rays)…….. AEons are expanding Mass/Energy/Space units that exert pressure on everything, and are everything…. AEon fields are Matter's surface that can be touched, not the Electrons, Protons and Neutrons within Matter….... AEons can only be organized into a stable sustainable pattern by a Photon Wave in it's various configurations…….. It ain't your Grampaws Old AEther, This One is Dynamic!! Albert Einstein discovered and now everyone else knows that energy and matter are interchangeable and are different forms or patterns of the same thing. In his book "The Pressureon Forceon Concept of Reality" William B. Luton gives a single reason for Gravity, Electromagnetism and the Strong and Weak Forces. Luton wrote "There is indeed an AEther but far different from the Static AEther previously theorized". Luton believed that a Universal Dynamic AEther, composed of individual packets of Energy, is the cause and effect of all that is reality. Luton called the individual Energy/Space units "Pressureons". Each "Pressureon" moves continually at the speed of light. He wrote, "The Universe is a seething cauldron of vibrating pulsating expanding energy grains that repel each other". Luton's "Pressureons" are the Energy that becomes Matter and the Matter that becomes Energy. I chose to use the term "AEons" instead of "Pressureons" to represent Energy grains. Everything is a result of stable and unstable patterns of this Energy. Below is a summary of my conclusions after studying with William B. Luton and having many discussions over the span of thirty years about the subject. Once when asked what causes Energy he shrugged and said, "As far as I am concerned before The Big Bang it is any-ones guess". Space, Galaxies, Stars, Planets, You, The Universe and me are all made of the same expanding packets of Energy that I prefer to call AEons which is, short for AEther-ons. AEons are always on the move. The very fabric of space is continually moving at the speed of light. Nothing is in any one place for a measurable length of time, relative to the whole Universe. Everything that we perceive as reality is continually moving in, around, and through everything at the speed of light. AEons sustain all Matter at the Electron level. AEons are the expanding Energy that sustains Stars, Planets and everything in between. AEons normally move through space at the speed of light in a random fashion, but in the vicinity of a Mass, more AEons are biased toward the Mass than away. (Warped Space). The Electrons Energy is sustained by the Energy / Mass exchange of AEons. AEons biased inward toward a body of Mass become more concentrated than those flowing away from that body. This inwardly biased pressure on the particles of Mass is a one component of gravity. Our Sun requires an enormous Energy inflow of AEons to sustain it and it has an extremely inwardly biased AEon field. The inwardly biased field in the vicinity of The Planet Mercury is much denser than in the vicinity of the Earth. This simply means that more Energy in the form of AEons flows toward a body of Mass than away. The Electrons in the Sun convert the inflow of AEons into Electron Energy and Mass. Some of the Electron's Photon rings are broken at the Sun's surface and radiate into the surrounding space as Photon Waves. The measurement of time is nothing but the marking of events but events happen whether marked or not marked. Because everything is composed of Aeons continually moving at the speed of light nothing is in one place for a measurable length of time. Two basics: (1) ENERGY is the ability to do work. (2) Electrons, Protons and Neutrons = ENERGY. PHOTONS Photon waves are in perfect resonance with the frequency of the Universe. Photons are twisting waves of AEons moving through the Dynamic AEther Field at the speed of light. (Light) William B.Luton called them "Forceons" because they alone can force organized patterns in the randomly moving AEon field. Photon Waves cause a spiraling wake of AEons to be formed around them much the same way that a propeller creates a spiraling wake of water when it spins through a body of water This spiraling wake of AEons is the Electromagnetic component of light. Electromagnetism is a screw like pattern in the AEon field. Photon Waves spin on their longitudinal axis as they move forward making the waves appear as both waves and packets and can be detected as both. Photon Waves made of expanding AEons are Energy consumers and AEons are the Energy consumed. Closely twisted Photon Waves (Photons) are more energetic than those more loosely twisted. Gamma Rays are more energetic waves that are twisted tighter than those of more loosely twisted visible light rays. Photons, Electrons, Protons, Neutrons, Neutrinos and all of the observed short-lived, unstable pseudo particles are organized patterns of AEons ELECTRONS Luton theorized that photon waves were formed in the violently moving Energy of The Big Bang. Subsequently some of these rolling twisted photon waves were forced into the stable ring formation, the Electron. Electrons are the AEon / Matter interface (gateway) and are the smallest unit rightfully considered Matter. Electrons are a stable closed ring of twisted Photon Waves spinning on their longitudinal axis as they move around in a circle at the speed of light. A spiraling field of AEons is caused to surround and travel with the Electron's twisted Photon Wave. That spiraling field of AEons is Electromagnetism. Expanding AEons impact the Electrons twisted Photon Wave from all directions at the speed of light and part of their expanding Energy is caught up in the wave to become expanding Matter. THE TWO COMPONENTS OF GRAVITY Electrons are Energy/Matter converters at the AEon / Photon level. AEons normally move about in random fashion in the Dynamic AEther but are biased toward a body of Mass. The Electrons in a body of Mass are Energy / Matter converters, therefore Electrons are Energy (AEon ) consumers. Directed pressure toward the Electron is one of two components of Gravity. Albert Einstein recognized this as warped time/space around a body of Mass. The second component of Gravity is also the Electron. A Photon Wave organized in the Electron configuration consumes expanding AEon Energy and converts part of it into Mass. Gravity is the result of a directed pressure of expanding Energy exerted toward all Matter and the conversion of part of that expanding Energy into Matter by the Electron. This continual conversion of expanding Energy into Matter at the Photon / Electron level results in an accelerating outward expansion of all Matter. Gravity is not a force but a twofold result of inward directed pressure on Matter and an outward expansion of Matter. ELECTROMAGNETISM Magnetic attraction and repulsion is the result of spiraling screw like patterns of AEon Energy caused by twisted spinning Photon Waves. Electrons aligned in the same plane in a magnetic material makes each Electron's expanding Photon Wave contribute a portion of its tiny spiraling field of AEons to the overall magnetic field. Opposite magnetic poles attract because of a screwing together effect in the AEon field and like poles repel because the screw like patterns in the AEon field rotate in opposite directions having the effect of unscrewing. William B.Luton called AEons "Pressureons" in his "The Pressureon/Forceon Concept of Reality". He called them "Pressureons" because they exert pressure on everything. The idea of a Universal Dynamic AEther and the structure of Photon Waves and Electrons are logical conclusions based on William B. Lutons "The Pressureon/Forceon Concept of Reality". The author, Marcus W. Hardin, coined the name "AEons", to be used for Dynamic AEther Particles and the expression "The Dynamic AEther ". mhardin104@aol.com If a photon wave could be viewed it would look something like this twisted illustration below. Resembles a garden wind twister
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