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  1. Physics vs Engineering

    1. ajb


      I like physics. Then I like engineering. But which one is better? Only one way to find out....FIGHT!

  2. i may be biased but as christian,,, I don't believe in homosexuality I think it is completely out of choice, just as other sins and i don't blame them we are all sinners if thats how you are naturally acting i understand cause just like the ppl are naturally greedy (or whether the environment made us that way) it just happens naturally to us For me as chrisitian, i think we should fight it off, (there have been cases where gay goes back to straight) I mean its bad for health and you are suffering from ethical and moral issues, society is generally against it too i am not saying gay people should chicken out but more like "hey i was once gay, but i knew its not right so i decided to follow what is morally right" again, i am being way biased here and i apologize for that in conclusions gay could happen naturally or by choice, but we know its not "right" and we shouldn't be encouraging people to become gays But of course more like people to understand homosexuality and help them
  3. AH i see,,, now you guys could have told me this without having to write 12 pages of argument *chuckles*
  4. so if they are uniformly distributed, why don't we see a bright night sky? aren't they going to be shining from every direction because of infinite numbers of stars? I feel like i am the only one who doesn't get this
  5. I don't get this part, can you use easier words?
  6. For people who never heard of this nonsense, This theory is basically saying that there is a tube connecting from north pole to south pole and more advanced people are living there I know it sounds crazy but there are some people seriously believing this and testimonies that they have seen it more info can be found in youtube but...anyways is this physically possible? cause isn't it boiling hot in the middle of the earth?
  7. wow this thread has become huge.... I was only curious...so let me get it straight answer to my question, nobody really knows but it is assumed that the space is infinite but stars are finite? hmhmhmhm i hope i got this right
  8. I don't know if i should go for money or what i want to study and become extremely poor

  9. In math and physics class i learned about secant and tangent lines(?) i was wondering if this had anything to do with trigonometry honestly, i don't really know what they are so confusing
  10. wow this post helped me understand a lot
  11. I know a statistic from several years ago that Bangladesh ranked number one for happiness and contentment in their life So i am guessing Bangladesh would also have one of the lowest suicidal rate?
  12. i know rite? What i think is that before bigbang happened, there was potential energy then when it blast opened with huge amount energy, part of it is still used for expanding the universe and rest changed to mechanical energy where different stars and planet collide and explode and that energy is sent somewhere else and so on and so forth I believe in creation so,,, i don't wish to argue but i think god created the potential energy and the rest, boom the science explains
  13. I want to become a physic's professor or teacher and apparently i need to go to grad school and yada yada ya,, (duh obviously,,, but i didn't know that ) I really love math and physics so thats no prob but When i apply to grad school and actually study at grad school would it be easier to have done physics major or it wouldn't matter engineering science major that leans on physics? So this is what the later one learns ( University of Toronto , engineering science -specialized in physics in 3rd and 4th year) http://www.undergrad.engineering.utoronto.ca/Assets/UndergradEng+Digital+Assets/calendar1011/ESC.pdf its a course calender anyways The reason why i am asking this is that once in graduate university, i might need to work a bit to save money for grad school rite? and if i have a physics degree, i thought it would be harder to get a job than engineering degree? and also it would be more easier for me to do the work if i know more about engineering for most jobs? But when it comes to grad school, what if they won't let me apply Idon't know where to look up this kinda information so i ask here where all the smart ppl are thx in advance )
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