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  1. Apparently the one injured person was the 'bomber'
  2. I find the conspiracy theory that the Holocaust never actually happened, and that it was invented to make money totally pathetic.
  3. andy


    fair enough, altough the clock is totally wrong.
  4. Search on Google for Siphar ddious then search for Sifo Dyas
  5. thats wrong, as its spelt Sifo-Dyas
  6. Well it seems like its running faster than before, but maybe thats co-incidence and to do with me deleting some files.
  7. Thanks for the advice- 5614, I ticked the Peak Memory Useage and the computer is running faster than ever before Thanks as well Dak- I'm using Norton 2005 and AVG Free btw
  8. One of them I heard on GMTV a while ago (the swing one) and the other one I read in the paper (Express)
  9. Oh right, ok I understand now, but a lot of the political correctness is coming from the EU- I recently heard that a swing had to be taken down because it 'faced the sun' (following an EU law), and conker trees were cut down in case conkers fell off and injured people.
  10. Recently, my computer has been running extremely slowly, with the taskbar taking about 5 minutes to load up when Windows XP loads. The computer also randomly stops, then starts again. I've scanned for Viruses, Spyware and Adware and there have been none found, so is there a corrupt file somewhere, and would the best solution be to reinstall windows?
  11. I'm delighted that the test flight has gone well. I just hope that future flights will also run to plan, without any technical difficulties.
  12. Lol, that would be unfair! Ok, thanks- I guess I'll need quite a lot more posts then.
  13. It won't let me play any of the game It keeps saying that I don't have sufficient privileges- how can I access it- do I have to post more or something?
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