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  1. Haha, it need not be an impressive feat... Just a mere experiment... If it could orientate itself to fit perfectly, then all the better, but it doesn't have to for my purpose! So can I hear these ideas of yours?
  2. Perhaps if there was some type of natural suction behind the card that could draw objects toward it... Any ideas on how to create this 'suction'? :\
  3. Basicaly I am trying to work something out to impress my friends, but under these strict circumstances... Also its interesting if anyone has a scientific way of achieving this... No, I have not worked it out myself... why would I be asking!? Thanks
  4. Here is a quick sketch of what I want As you can see the ripped section of the cardboard is submerged and let go by the scientist... I then want it to travel toward and stop, at the place it was torn from originally... One other point to make is that it should not matter where the rip is on the piece of cardboard, I want the attraction to happen automatically and 100% each time if possible... All this is to be done without the use of magnets/other big contraptions. It may be a bit hard to grasp, but thats the idea! ANY HELP!?
  5. Hey guys! Is this possible? What I am trying to achieve is this: I take a thin piece of cardboard, rip out a section from the middle of the cardboard and place it aside... I then take the big piece of cardboard and place it into a cup (or any kind of narrow holder), I then wish to submerge the little piece of cardboard and let it fall. Now the problem... How can I make this little piece of cardboard move to the hole on the big piece... (orientation does not matter) Is this possible without the use of magnets/other big contraptions? Thanks Mason R
  6. Ahhh ok... Hmmm I thought to myself... THERE HAS TO BE A WAY... But obviously not... Hmmm damn! Thanks for the replies so far guys!
  7. Any other ways of accomplishing th SAME thing, but with a normal mirror? I doubt it, but I was just wondering if it was possible!
  8. lol, yes but in real world conditions? Is it possible without two mirrors?
  9. Hey guys, Is it possible to HORIZONTALLY FLIP my own reflection without the use of two mirrors side by side? Is this the only way or is there an easier way? Thanks Mason Roberts
  10. Hey guys, I am new to this forum and this question has been plaguing me for YEARS! Literally! I want a person to be able to draw on a playing card (Bicycle stock) and then I want to be able to duplicate that drawing onto another card either simultaneously or after they have signed it it can be transferred. Is thegre any way to do this, I have tried double stick tape and glue on the card, but when I press them onto another card the image is not dark enough and the lines are not clean? Thanks Mason Roberts
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