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  1. so it must have been incredibly hot because of the pressure inside space. Do we have any guesses as to how long space had that size, and what caused it to start to expand? (just thinking maybe time is a meaningless concept in this context, so you could say it was there without time, outside time or forever? I mean did time exist back then in the way we understand it now?)
  2. Do you think its because it cannot be determined where it is?, or because it would be moving around?or because normal math breaks down that we cannot define a center in a finite space (unless the universe is defined as infinite). In a normal explosion you would be able to afterwards define a center of the explosion. Why not with this explosion? I would assume some kind of center existed before big bang, and that perhaps now a center would be somewhere where there is nothing left because everything exploded away from there
  3. Is there a point in the universe not expanding? Are you saying everywhere is the "center" of the universe, that there is no actual one point, that is smack in the center of the thing?
  4. Is it possible to identify the point in the universe where the big bang occurred, to identify a point inthe universe where everything is moving away, blasted outwards from the big bang. And if so, where is it?
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