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  1. I'm having difficulties interpreting the two-tailed results from a independent t-test. The test statistic shows: -2.459 and the p-value is 0.020. Can you have a negative test statistic? But it still means it's a significant difference right? Because the p-value (0.020/2 = 0.01) is smaller than 0.05. I'd appreciate your help, as I'm a total muppet when it comes to the statistic parts of psychology
  2. In some schools you can choose to have psychology, but it's mostly BS what they teach At least that's the way it was at my high school back in Norway.
  3. I've always wondered why psychology isn't a part of the national curriculum of junior/senior high schools like English, maths or geography. There's so much you learn about yourself and others, and I honestly think it will make you more tolerant if you know yourself better and why others act the way they do. There might be a reason why it's not in the N.C, so I'd be happy if someone were to enlighten me
  4. So it's the BPS I have to turn my anger towards? Thanks for the tip I don't know if the course would have been _that_ much easier without the research method part. I'm having difficulties as it is now, but that may also be due to several other factors. In any case, I didn't choose this course because I thought it was an easy way to get a degree. I have a genuine interests for the field. I find it so interesting to learn more about others, and especially about myself and how to deal with my own problems. Part of the reason students here forget so much of the stats is because we're in a way encouraged to forget it. I remember last year, stat was just a part of the course we had to rush through as if it was some added on modul, rather than a "real" course like for example abnormal psychology. But of course, the students are a part of the "problem" as well. We have such a dislike for stats that we don't bother practicing it over the holidays. But to read about stuff we find more interesting in the course is much easier and a lot of us do it over holidays.
  5. I don't think it's a strange coincidence. From what I understand, the psychology students here were all very poor at maths, so they chose a subject they could study that they thought wouldn't have math Some of the lecturers have mentioned this as well. Students choose psychology because they think it's an easy course (no math), but when they find out that a whole part of psychology is interpreting data and stats, they freak out LOL I was one of those students who freaked out I'm actually a foreign students (from Norway), and as far as I know, there isn't any stats in the psychology course in Norway. It might come later and you might have to choose it, but it's never from the beginning. But that's the reason I freaked out. I didn't realise there was math in psychology, and they never told me (like in the prospectus). The whole departement realizes that most of the psychology students have very poor math-skills, so in our first year we got "points" for showing up for the stat seminars. If we had like 5 points, then they would go towards counting towards our stat tests. Usually we need 40% to pass, but with a full set of points, we only needed like 15-20% right answers to pass. However we don't have this system this year. Still I'm proud of myself. I got 60% on a recent stat test It was about ANOVA's, MANOVA's and all that stuff.
  6. Yes, we use SPSS for all of our analysis. My math-skills are extremely poor, so I think SPSS is a blessing for me. Just type in the data and interpret the output
  7. Thanks very much for your help. It has been very useful, and I will seriously look into doing what you suggested Hope you don't mind helping me if I have more questions
  8. Same here. I find fire very intriguing I love running my fingers through it, I love the look of it, I like the colours...
  9. Cyrus


    Well, I got the oppurtunity to fly to the Dublin gig (1st. December) on a plane flown Bruce himself Nicko and Rod Smallwood (the manager) were also on the plane so I got to meet them as well. I also met Steve Harris. Saw him play a footie match and all I spent about 2 days with them...
  10. Cyrus


    Best band ever...IMO of course Been a fan for about 14 years
  11. That would be cool Damn those ethical considerations But all those ideas sound good. I will have a look in journals to see if I can find any specific experiments But please...keep the ideas coming. I really appreciate it!
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