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  1. I don't know if this is any use but there is an interesting discussion on http://www.medhelp.org/posts/Addiction-Substance-Abuse/Anyone-tried-or-know-about-the-waismann-method/show/613899 some people say its great others say stay the hell away. there are a few other threads down the bottom of the page related to the Waismann method. I didn't check them out but they may be of some use to you.
  2. ltd

    Blue Fire

    Thanks a heap!!! that site made it sound so simple. hopefully i can give it a try on my day off
  3. ltd

    Blue Fire

    kevlar dose burn orange/yellow. i want to use it because thats what the wicks on my fire staff are made of. and i chose blue because my favorite color is blue. as for the shape of the flame and how long it must burn, neither of these are priorities at the moment. New train of thought to catch everyone:) Cut all the variables from the picture and tell me hypothetically speaking, how you would go about making regular fire burn blue please and thank you
  4. ltd

    Blue Fire

    The staff itself is made of steel, its the Kevlar wicks that get set on fire. So is there something that would burn a blue blue rather than a green blue? I don't know if its any use, but thanks to Wikipedia, I can tell you Kevlars molecular formula is [-CO-C6H4-CO-NH-C6H4-NH-]n
  5. you know who you are talking to, as i understand it a schizophrenic is usually unable to locate the source of the voices they hear. Imagine you have had a voice recording done and are listening to it being played back to you. you can hear other people in the recording as well, however you know your voice an what you were saying, but what the other people in the recording are saying is also audible. The thoughts and suggestions the schizophrenic experiences can be like this. they know their thoughts and internal dialog and can recognise them as thier own. But they can also hear the other voices that they know do not belong to themselves like in the recording.
  6. ltd

    Blue Fire

    apparently copper chloride is the one to use for the best blue. what i want to do is soak my wicks (Kevlar) in a liquid version it, let them dry so the copper chloride is then a solid, theoretically a powder, throughout the weave of the wick which can then be lit and burn blue. The wicks are for a fire staff, they are 63mm wide, 200mm long and 4mm thick. So not your average candle wick. Would this work? If so how do I make the copper chloride? or is there another substance that would be more appropriate?
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