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  1. What about secondary/tertiary students using stimulants (amphetamines, methylphenidate, caffeine...) to help them work longer when under a lot of pressure for exams etc, this is not unheard of.
  2. I think they're asking whether it is apoptosis or necrosis in that specific case. edit: From wikipedia it looks like the streptozotocin is absorbed into the cells like glucose by GLUT2 where it causes DNA damage, and the cell responds by apoptosis. p53 reacts to severe DNA damage by triggering apoptosis, I think this is part of the intrinsic pathway but I'm not sure.
  3. raptor


    They're just recommending safe levels, and you probably shouldn't have that much caffeine over long periods as it can lead to health problems such as heart arrythmias even if the acute symptoms aren't that bad.
  4. I once realised I was going into a dream-like state while sitting at my desk, I'd missed a night's sleep immediately before so I was struggling to stay awake but it was strange because my eyes were open at the time. I snapped out of it immediately.
  5. I'd personally recommend you try a herbal product, "St John's Wort". It has long had a reputation for helping with depression in particular, I think it's suspected to act somewhat like an SSRI. I tried taking a few tablets and after a day or so I noticed subtle effects on mood, generally that I was happier, less worried and more emotionally stable. It did seem to also affect concentration slightly, making me feel somewhat sleepy (I actually turned to it because of insomnia but it was still a bit counter-productive sometimes). I don't think it has many drug interactions besides oral contraceptives and some psychoactive drugs especially things like ecstasy or other anti-depressants which i assume you are not taking. It's available over the counter in most places and it's not terribly expensive. In my experience I haven't noticed major side effects or withdrawal symptoms like those reported with SSRIs, though much of this is very subjective.
  6. 10. Superglue 9. Glow-in-the-dark radium paintbrush in the days before nuclear safety. 8. Confetti you find at a party and fail to recognize as LSD. 7. Switchblade with far-too-sensitive button. 6. Fugu prepared by antisocial and/or dangerously incompetent Japanese Chef. 5. Gun barrel to satisfy oral fixation. 4. Live grenade, having just thrown the safety pin by mistake. 3. Elemental potassium 2. Gloved hand after working with a patient who's flu-like symptoms tragically turn out to be ebola. 1. Liquid nitrogen. Next: Ten most bizarre motives/excuses for killing someone.
  7. Those are the most toxic eg. sarin, tabun, VX etc. while a lot of similar compounds are powerful insecticides eg. parathion. Most of these seem to be esters of methylphosphonic acid or similar, though most of the insecticides have the double bonded oxygen replaced with a sulfur.
  8. What I was wondering was if there is a way to separate an amine like this, similar to hydrolysis of an ester.
  9. I really wasn't planning on trying it as I agree that this isn't the kind of thing you should be playing around with, but I was curious as to whether such a procedure would be possible.
  10. What is the cause of the strong 'metallic' smell in the air after metal has been cut?
  11. I was wondering if anyone knew if it was possible to remove glycine from glyphosate (herbicide), leaving methylphosphonic acid?
  12. I think the proper term is phosphonic acid ([ce]HP(O)(OH)2[/ce]), phosphorous acid being the tautomer [ce]P(OH)3[/ce].
  13. The forces on the rails are perpendicular, but the current also travels through the projectile. The field from the two rails creates a force on the projectile parallel to the rails. (If you don't know this already by now)
  14. I'm sure dimethylmercury ([ce] H3C\sbond Hg\sbond CH3[/ce]) contains C - metal bonds. (It's also a truly horrible poison, see: http://www.chm.bris.ac.uk/motm/dimethylmercury/dmmh.htm)
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