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    That's an interesting question. I guess they are as long as metabolisms and growth are taking place, but otherwise it’s dead, such as when preserved in the refrigerator or even cooked. If it is not doing what a living cell is doing then it is definitely not “alive”.
  2. I find it cool to have two different colored eyes my freind has one brown eyes and one black weired I know hehe I'm wondering, Do they see things the same way we do (we: same color eyes)??
  3. I'm wondering, why did they specifically use tomatoes? Is there a reason to favor one over another?
  4. Ahhh, I get it (hidden ancestral trait) thanx guys:-)
  5. hehe i see what you see two different blue stips
  6. If it's due to mutations, is it still considered evolutionary??? shouldn't it be like something new??
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