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  1. well, I was diagnosed with drug induced psychosis 15 months ago, but it went away fast as I had quit doing drugs and quit drinking. For a little while I have been seeing images when I first wake up. First time, I saw a giraffe skin pattern. (which is odd because Giraffes are my favorite animal) I would only see it for the first few milliseconds upon opening the eyes, so I keep opening and closing my eyes to see if it changes, but it remains the same pattern. I've only had it happen a fear times that i remember, most recently today, but it was a checkerboard pattern. I don't know what the heck this is... I was wondering if it's anything I should worry about, I also have other problems with my eyes... I see the blood vessels in my eyes when exposed to bright lights, and suffer from a bunch of Entoptic phenomenon... Is it connected or something way more serious? The little "flies" in my eyes are getting worse each day. I saw an optometrist and she said everything was fine, yet she was concerned that these things are happening. I also had a CT scan of my brain... I was just hoping to get a little bit of insight towards this.
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