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  1. what about bruises? For example consider the case of a soft part of body hit firmly by a round stone. What should be done quickly after being hit?
  2. my opinion on the issue is slightly different. You said that the risk of CV (cardiovascular) diseases in AB group people is about 30-40% higher than in people with O group. The question I am going to ask is how many people will be affected by a CV disease just because they are AB. The answer should be very few if not none. Other factors like diet, lifestyle etc are much much more important than your blood group. Once these major factors are controlled, the role of your blood group becomes negligible... And if modern world means drinking alcohol, eating lots of junk and doing nothing but si
  3. It was in response to "I implore you should not shutdown ideas so quickly".
  4. Brain transplants! Well, you should call it human transformation.... I think their is nothing impossible and there would be one day when we would be able to transplant brains. But just think about the consequences. It is the brain that makes us what we are. I know a person as my father because I have memories of that person acting as a father to me. stored in my brain since I was born. My name is "Ahsan Iqbal" because it is stored in my brain that everyone calls me by this name. I am writing this post because there is some portion of my brain that compels me to do it. And every person ha
  5. I am not saying that animal experiments have not proved fruitful. Indeed they have. We have learned a lot from them. The point I wanted to make was that there is a limit the the knowledge we can gain from animal experiments. This is based on simple explanation that animal brains are not even near to human brain in terms of physiologic development. We can get solid results from experiments on the hind brain or the mid brain. As their is not such an extensive difference in these portions of brains of humans and animals. But when it comes to the forebrain, the scenario changes completely. Human c
  6. I should explain in medical terms what @ecrdndrs said. Actually, it is the long bones and the vertebral column that matter the most for the height of an individual. The long bones of human body include femur, tibia, fibula, radius, ulna, and humerus. A typical long bone is divided into three parts during teen ages. These are Epiphysis (the head), Diaphysis (the shaft) and Metaphysis (the connection between head and shaft). Before about 20 years of age, the metaphysis of a long is cartilaginous. It has active cells that produce new cartilaginous mass, which is actively converted to bony mass, t
  7. One thing to remember folks: the brain itself is insensitive to pain. So there is no way you would feel like if a tight hat is on your head, when your brain swells. It is the meninges and stretch of the nerves that initiate headache.
  8. There can be infinite number of ideas but even when we think about ideas, we have to know the limits. How about this idea that some day we would be able to plug a Solid State Drive to our brain that will store all the information permanently and the we won't have to worry about forgetting something and like a computer of today we would be able to access all of it instantaneously. Who knows, it becomes true someday. But the point is that we should present only those ideas that seem possible to the current state of thinking of the general population. After a few decades there would be ideas that
  9. You are absolutely right about different brain researches conducted on animals that have proved to be fruitful for humans as well. The point I wanted to make was that for researches on areas of brain like the frontal lobes of cerebrum, we need to have some samples available. We cannot perform such researches on a Chimp's brain. They might provide ideas but never solid results. Yes we do have access to human brain in cases of brain injury or other disorders, but the real question is that can we experiment on them. The answer would be no, because we would never want to damage someone's brain j
  10. There is no way that HIV virus could be removed from the body by changing every single blood cell. The reason is that blood is no the only place where HIV virus stays. As a friend has already mentioned, there are other places like the bone marrow where the virus would stay and there is no way you can remove it from there.
  11. I want to write...........

  12. It is not like what you are trying to make it. No matter how complex a thing becomes, it will still be composed of some basic components and all we need to do is find out those basic components and their arrangement. It is very common for an artist to break complex structures and illustrations into simple basic forms and then make proper arrangements to correctly express the original illustration. I might sound a little strange but think of complex organic molecules. Think of DNA. We have uncoded their mysteries because we found out the basic elements that make them and then we found the prope
  13. That's good news for both patients and medical professionals. If it is proven to be decisive and accurate enough, it will surely be of much clinical importance.
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