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  1. And furthermore dont lecture me on debating skills. Look at all the posters here who havnt even bothered to read all comments properly. Totally non-sensical
  2. Mooeypoo if you look at the first comment i made, then the rude responses i recieved after that, thats why i commented on rude behaviour that was initiated but i never meant i havnt been rude i purely meant that i wasnt the one with the rude behaviour to begin with. Are all of the members of this site so ignorant and arrogant as some (and i mean some not all) posters in this thread? And report me if you like, I dont really care as being correct isnt anything to be ashamed of.
  3. Im not the one with the rude behaviour. Im just fed up of peoples arrogance and stupidity on here .. thats rude! Read my posting properly, i never said it was evidence of the earth being uninhabitual just purely of earth warming. Come back to me once you've bothered to read posts properly.
  4. Well tycho why dont you go and tell NASA they are wrong then! Thats what they have stated in scientific journals and I think your underestimating how destructive and hot a red giant is in camparison to the sun at the moment! And thats rich coming from you as some of you started insulting me first. I have credibility because I am correct. How many times do I have to spell it out to you retards that a relatively small change could disrupt and lead to events that make earth uninhabitual in a few thousand years. Why dont you go and read a book before you try and comment on subjects you dont know enough about.
  5. Yes i see your point just like the dutch have coped with raising sea levels and have contingency plans for the future but any change which isnt transitional would cause mass social problems as well and alter life as we know it even though. I would class having to live floating on sea water with limited desalination facilities as uninhabitual. Im just suggesting that a rise in sea levels might not give us time to found a society that floats on the oceans. Also i dont have much faith in our technology and how quickly we could react. I think the best method to ensure human survival is to scatter our seeds throughout the galaxy as soon as we can.
  6. I never said it hasnt been alot hotter than before now. Of course it has!! I just stated fact and that is: If sea temperatures were to rise by a few degrees the ice caps would completely melt. I am not saying they havnt melted before, shut up and actually bother reading what im saying before commenting. I didnt think i needed to go in to more details than i had i was just explaining peoples stupid misunderstandings. Ive already written 2 a4 pages on this just explaining statements already said. (just like if you bother to read my posting i said that i didnt say space had become more volatile just merley that it is!!) In future people please read postings instead of trying to insinuate something an individual has never said. I expected more intelligence on this forum than the average frenchman but obviously i was mistaken.
  7. Right, one stupid person at a time. First CPL and all others, yes the sun will become a red giant in the time frame you all stated but when the sun does become a red giant it will swallow mecury, heat mars to 1 million kelvin approximately and incinerate most of the inner planets of the solar system. Before then the sun will continue to warm our planet (Supporting source that the earth is being warmed by the sun "global warming" if you will) and I hope most people are aware that the earth is a fragile ecosystem and the slightest raise in temperatures even by a few degrees in sea temperatures can melt the ice caps flooding most of the planet and some do estimate that with the suns warming effect and other warming factors that within the next few thousand years the temperatures will rise enough to do this. Also it is very easy to wipe out mankind or have a dire affect and change lifestyles as we know it, it doesnt even need to be plunged in to an ice age like the last one that that minimised the worlds population to between 3000 to 9000 people. For example back in the 1860 something (cant find a reliable source for information on this on the internet) a volcano errupted not even on super proportions and sent ash flying in to the atmosphere and reduced the growing season of crops to less than two months in the northern hemisphere and alot of people died from a year long famine. True that this may not wipe out mankind it would be different nowadays. Have you seen how people react to times like christmas (ive nearly seen riots before)? Well imagine how people would react to a disaster even if not on a scale to terminate life instantly, the chaos that would ensue would be unbelievable! And walrusman "They aren't predictions...they're dramatic overtures by bored scientists...". They are predictions maybe based on dramatic overtures, who can say whether they are truely accurate but due to a lack of data we have to hypothosise on these dramatic overtures and only as we gain more data can we make a more informed guess. What i think is a dramatic overture is global warming caused by humans! And true tycho objects do pentrate the earth all the time but i was pointing towards objects larger than 1/2 a mile that would affect more than the local area. As well as norway several other areas (like russia) are affected by small bits of debris maybe a metre in size that flatten trees in a whole valley. And i never said space became less or more volatile, just stating it is volatile. Thankyou dark angel "but we might not even make it that long, the yellowstone super volcanoe is set to blow any moment according to the USGS, as is Mount ST Helens and they also expect Krakatoa to go again as well. Not to mention the warming oceans will unfreeze all the trapped methane in the ocean anyway, burning us alive." Exactly! Back at yellowstone near 1929 i believe it was surveyed and measurements were taken and then these measurements were retaken back in the 70's and found that yellowstones supervolcano is a breathing caldera sinking and rising at the north of the lake and over thousands of years the lake has changed position from settlement fossils found. Yellowstone has been found to be the most active spot outside of california in the US averaging 25 tremors/earthquakes a week! Thats why for numerous years the USGS have had many instruments dotted all over yellowstone and yes dark angel the USGS have stated that the melt volume below yellowstone is not high enough to trigger a reaction but they dont know when thats why its being continually monitored as its a serious threat. And walrusman tell me one great thing about the human race? In a ecologically minded way? Every creature on earth has reached a natural equiliberium with its enviroment apart from homo sapiens. The only way humans survive is by exploiting every resource and spreading like a virus but if you've got a different food chain id love to see it!!!! (and "freakin awesome"?? sad dude!!) And furthermore this is a list of disasters, although there is more than stated this is just a glimpse for people and some are predicted to happen soon or overdue that will kill some or all of us or alter lifestyle as we know it: Wildfires, earthquakes, eruptions, avalanches, tsunami's, landslides, flooding, hurricanes, lahars, storm surges, cyclones, typhoons, diseases, drought, solar flares and pole reversals. For more information please Click here on the changing earth. Tiny bit of info on pole reversal as well Sorry to go on but im pointing out every point and i hope ive been clear enough although id guess probably not for some people.
  8. Exactly insane alien. Its been predicted that we are supposed to have an object penentrate the atmosphere by 2052. Space isnt a peaceful place but a hostile world and its extremely common having near (astronomically near) misses but i wouldnt worry, objects hitting earth should be the least of your survival concern (especially living somewhere like USA, think about the caldeara at yellowstone, that would worry me if i were you!). It is certain that within the next few thousand years the earth will be un-inhabital (due to the sun) but many scientists predict that within the next hundred years there are going to be several disasters to wipe us out completely. Foreign objects striking earth is just one but there are so many others before fossil fuels or supposed "global warming" that enviromentalist idiots rave about is even an issue. Point is dont be afraid about the human race being wiped out, it isnt that great anyway.
  9. Exactly smallispower. Maybe i should have expanded on what i said above. In a certain call centre where i worked once we all made all of our calls on mobiles (sometimes 2 or three different handsets and calls) and had many different mobile handsets around us. It didnt cause excitability whatsoever with any members of the staff. So much so that the manager started dealing narcotics to "perk" staff up (he eventually got caught for this and the company shut down then re-surfaced as another one). Anyway my whole point was that using several different handsets all day long didnt do anything whatsoever to any staff. So interesting article but i think the only way to have legally excite and stimulate peoples minds would be to stick our heads in the microwave. Phones have RF guidelines anyway and all theories of cancer or excitabality is speculative with no real evidence.
  10. I am not deviating from the subject but if anybody is still unsure about what is causing the problem (of which i have assured people it is a beta of an operating system causing problems) feel free to message me and il describe it in simpler terms which i cannot do on this thread. (mainly because it gets deleted) Many thanks and i hope the thread starter can resolve this issue by using a fully working operating system and wish him the best of luck.
  11. Yea no probs caseclosed. I was just glad people in this thread were nice and helped me out because some of the posters in Other threads that ive been in on this site seem as if they've been eating too much infected beef. So once again many thanks for all help with workings.
  12. Lol ecoli. Well maybe hate but thats a strong word. Ummm is disgruntled better!? Lol.
  13. And im not blasting microsoft, all of the above is personal comments about a real problem. Im not a microsoft hater its just microsoft didnt invent the windows concept even though they like to think so and ripped off a certain company. And with all of this dominance instead of a monopolistic greed id actually like to see the lisence money spent on developing a new OS not just repackaging a platform and reselling it as a new OS. People wouldnt have gripes with microsoft if they actually fixed their mistakes, anyone can make mistakes accidently but to make them on purpose again and again is just pure greed.
  14. Oh i beg to differ, and differ i shall. Microsoft Vista beta 1/2 is infamous for blue screening and doing physical memory dumps and is extremely unstable. Their a corporation and as such havnt done any major development work since 1995 or 2000. Thats the whole point of corportaions and how they exercise so much power through dominance and what they like to call "compliance" when Windows/vista and all of its components/software are the most un-compliant in the industry. Take Internet explorer for example, its so un-compliant that its a known fact web developers have to design and code sites for compliance for all browsers, then code them for IE as well so i laugh at a claim that you can say a beta is stable, and yes im p*ssing my pants you think a microsoft beta is stable. Thats the most hilarious thing ive heard this month. (Yes i have tested all released betas by the way). And actually thats the only thing i can say positive about vista, the install process is the easiest yet with the best graphics yet. Drivers wont be available all that easily and bugs wont be ironed out in the first release. Use XP as an example, the first release was dreadful, so much people switched back to Win2000 (XP in comparison is the same platform just a more graphical; GUI with hotfixes and patches everywhere) in disgust till they fixed a few problems with sp2 and only now can you get a wide range of support for XP which wasnt as good last year. In short, why be a complete muppet and upgrade to Vista, even when properly released? Its such a bogged down operating system they've been debating splitting it in to six different operating systems although since vista is so massively delayed this could change. Trust me, it isnt the virus scanner, its either a virus, faulty hardware or conflicting software you havnt considered or Vista but i would put my money on Vista for sure.
  15. Yea quite right tree. Done a/s-level mathematics but that didnt have any of this kinda stuff in. I decided to do a degree in computing (but it has several components to it including related mathematics) while working so they could pay for it but because i work im doing it through distance learning so there isnt as much support as it would be attending university full time.
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