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  1. I'm rather surprised no one has responded with anything. I can't think of a more interesting area of scientific inquiry. Guess i'll take these matters elsewhere.
  2. I would like to start an ongoing discussion with anyone interested in conversing with an open mind (meaning open to the evidence) and respectful tone on the idea of applying the scientific method holistically and systematically, to the social design. Now, many after reading this sentence might think to themselves, "wait a minute, we already live in a society that applies the scientific method". While this is true to a certain extent, I would argue that we really have just begun to use the knowledge and technology we have to make society function better and improve our lives. It seems that our age old institutions, superstitions and traditions have a monopoly (literally) on how we are to think and live our lives. So, i'll open up the conversation by starting with a question. What are the near-empirical processes by which we could look for influence on how to structure our social systems? Obviously, there is no short and simple answer (at least not without first synthesizing vast and multidisciplinary concepts). But here's what the essence boils down to. Society today, as advanced as it may seem to be in comparison to the past and with all our knowledge and increased technical capability, is grossly infested with outdated and unnecessary cultural "noise" that in many cases is actually quite harmful to the overall social and ecological web of living. What can we do to change this? How can we smooth out the "artificialities" and create something that works for everyone no matter what, while facilitating constant change and growth? I believe that Science steers us toward this new exploration and understanding by revealing key processes in Nature. The hardest part is reaching people and getting past their ingrained value systems which might be threatened by the new understandings and applications. What exactly are these cultural "artificialities? In a sentence, Money, Politics, and Religion. Let this be an introduction to a beginning way to solve these problems: http://www.thevenusp...e-based-economy So in other words, how much of the way that society operates really matters? How much is unnecessary and outdated? How much is pathological? You can see that this topic could theoretically be pursued forever, so i'll stop here for now. By now, I'm well familiar with opposition to this proposition (which I will further elaborate after your responses) so bring it on. Keep in mind my request above to be open and respectful. Thanks for your time and I hope to pursue this matter further.
  3. This is definitely the butterfly effect. Chaos theory.
  4. Research the work of Aubrey de Grey.
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