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  1. if one day, we were eventually able to create a matter replication device, what would the impact of this device be on the price of goods, would it decrease the price by removing scarcity or would it create a separate niche market for "pure" food much like today's niche market for organic food, also, what would it do to the gas crisis?
  2. i just had a bottle explode sending pieces of glass clear across 2 rooms of the house, however, it was only one in the entire batch that exploded and as it was one of the larger bottles, my theory is that because it was lager, there would be more CO2 confined within the liquid inside the bottle causing a greater pressure in the bottle, is this correct or do i have a fridgeful of ticking time bombs?
  3. im trying to make a whisey for my step mums xmas present, that involves distilling the wort, can somebody pleas tell me whether or not i need to seperate the tails, would it affect the quality of the final product or would it not cosmically speaking matter?
  4. hey, just letting you know i am ok after yesterdays tornado, i lived athew blocks from where it went through, my dad had to take cover at his work but we are all unharmed

  5. i can get tubing myself, just my mum was going that way and i dont have any need to be in that direction as i can't justify the petrol costs just for tubing, hence it will be a while until i am in that direction
  6. hi, i'm rather new to home brewing and i have asked my mum to pick up some tubing so i can make a still but because she doesn't understand why i need it, she's not buying it so am i able to just boil the methanol out of my fermented wort so that i just have ethanol and water or do i need to separate out the water as well as the methanol?
  7. my end goal is the hydrogen mixture, i am trying to do a comparison in reactive properties in impure gas collected using this method and hydrogen collected using Mg+2HCl>MgCl2+2H (is that right)
  8. i was attempting to collect some gas from the reaction of 3HCl+Al>AlCl3+3H ((is this right?) it has a noxious odor so i always wear a mask but hydrogen i odorless?) but the reaction bubbled enough to blow a chunk of Al into the rubber tubing which then melted in the heat, how can i avoid this? the hole in the tube was coincedentaly the right size that escaping gas put newtons 3rd law in place and acid got sprayed everywhere
  9. hi, i am aware that builders usually build a small mark into a building at it's stress points so that if demolition is required, engineers know where to place the explosives and do not need to spend an excessive amount of time in a structurally unsound building to find the places to put the gelagnite, however when a building is deemed structurally unsound ofter it has shifted in something such as n earthquake, wouldn't that move the stree points making the engineers markings redundant?
  10. ok then, so while we are on the subject of volcanic eruptions, what is the statistical likely hood of an eruption in a dormant volcano?
  11. even when the volcanoes in question are mono genetic such as all the ones mentioned above? wouldn't that mean they had similar propertys of magma and such like?
  12. i'm trying to work out why it is that different volcanoes have different shaped craters and volcanoes even though they have approximately the same ash output, suggesting an equally violent eruption, for example in one period of volcanic activity, mt eden produced approximately the same volume of material during eruptions as mt mangere, yet mt mangere has a dual crater, neither of them evenly shaped or sized while mt eden is has a deeper crater which is perfectly even in shape and size, the domain produced approximately the same volume as mt albert, yet neither volcano has a notable crater and the domain does'nt even have much of a slope, mt smart produced approximately the same amount of material as pupuke, which is now a caldera, meanwhile the big king produced about as much as mt eden, yet is much smaller than mt eden and does not have a pronounced crater, what is the cause of this?
  13. hello, while watching blitz street last night, i noticed that even with no confinement, tnt still created a large blast as opposed to the large woosh of flame like you get from black powder, what actualy causes this?
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