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  1. Thank you Jens, that was the precise information I was looking for. If that's the case, then I'm certain that a YY foetus would self-abort early on. That fits with my story. As sad as it is, a little angst goes a long way when you're writing fiction. Besides, the meaner I am to the characters which I love so much, the happier the endings I give them. ;-) If anyone is interested in reading my story, you can find it in Fanfiction.net. It's called 'Tea of Fate', by AnimeOtaku4444.
  2. Ah! This was the clear and concise reply which I was looking for from the beginning! Short, certain, and to-the-point. Thank you very much, Moontanman. :-D
  3. Wow, thanks for your contributions! ^.^ jp255, I don't think I'll be taking it quite that far in my story. If I get too technical, I'll start losing my audience. Sadly they aren't all scientists like us. Heck, even I'm a little fuzzy on my knowledge of imprinting patterns. I was just personally curious about what a YY baby would be like. Well, my story and the medicine is more magic than science, so I suppose I could make a YY baby viable if I really wanted to, but I much prefer to be accurate where I can. Besides, what kind of life would the overly-masculine boy have? Would he even be able to have kids of his own when he was old enough? Only sons, if it was possible at all. As a 'what if' thinker, I can't help but map out all of the possibilities in my mind, and look for the most interesting results of my musings. Thank you so much everyone, for indulging me like this! I really appreciate it.
  4. Ewmon is thinking in the right direction. Like I mentioned before, when the guy drinks the medicine some of his sperm cells are changed into proper egg cells, only the DNA in the gamete stays the same, so the new egg cells would have all the mitochondria they needed. The real question is, could a foetus develop and be viable without an X chromosome?
  5. In my story, taking the special medicine makes several changes to the male's body, in order to make him capable of conceiving and safely carrying a baby, such as converting a few hundred thousand sperm cells into egg cells (but not altering the DNA, which is why some eggs would have Y sex genes, thus making a YY baby possible) Also, things like making the pelvic bone more feminine, so he won't start walking funny when his baby bump grows in, etc. Given this information, would the foetus really have no mitochondria? Wouldn't that make it non-viable, and cause a miscarriage?
  6. Okay, so we all know that women have XX chromosomes, and men have XY sex genes. Occassionally something will go wrong, and people will be born who are XXY or XXX. These are facts. At the moment, I'm writing a fanfiction for Naruto, the anime. It's all purely fiction, and as such, certain liberties are being taken. There's a comparatively small subgenre of fanfiction called 'mpreg', where one of the male characters, usually a male in a gay relationship, somehow falls pregnant. In my story it's made possible through the consumption of a special medicine. It's more magic than science, but being a scientist myself, I can't help but think about some of the possible consequences of a male x male pregnancy. For example, in such a situation it would be possible for a YY baby to be conceived. There'd be a 25% chance of such an occurence with each conception. I would really like to hear your thoughts on how such a baby might develop, what sort of deformities it might have, whether or not such a foetus could even survive to term, or if it would more likely miscarry early on. Please humor my curiosity. It is, after all, the mark of a scientist.
  7. I just love scientific logic. Being a nerd is such fun. :-D You guys sound like Sheldon, Leonard, Wolowitz, and Koothrappali having an argument. Although a couple of you sound like Penny. X-D This is better than TV.
  8. Hi, I'm making a glossary as part of a group project, and I need a definition or description of this term. My group-mate swears blind that it is in fact a word, and I've seen it come up in web searches, but I can't for the life of me find anything helpful. Does anybody have any suggestions?
  9. Just wrote a Plant Ecophysiology test. Wish it had some multiple choice questions...

  10. Can anyone tell me what the window quantity is exactly? My tablets are 200 Micrograms. What does Selenium dioxide do? What makes it so dangerous? Can anybody recommend a safer antioxidant? And what is a brazil nut? I eat a snackbox consisting of 30 raisins, 10 cashews, 5 pecans, and 10 almonds every day. I make them myself. I find my snackboxes are excellent for the digestion system.
  11. I recently started taking Selenium in addition to my other supplements. It's an antioxidant which is supposed to greatly reduce the chances of me getting cancer. Would anyone care to comment on that?
  12. Okay, this is going to sound disgustingly ignorant of me, but what is the uvula, and if I open my mouth wide, will I be able to see it somewhere back there? The epiglotis is the thing that hangs down at the back of your throat, right?
  13. That's some good advice, thank you. I take Centrum, which is a low-dose multivitamin, and additional Iron in a 'high' dose. Altogether I get about half my daily limit of Iron from my supplements, and I mean 'limit', not 'recommended dosage'. I looked it up on the internet, and I found that the highest ammount of Iron an adult woman can take before it starts becoming unhealthy is 45mg. I get 23mg per day, 8 from my Centrum, and 15 from my additional Iron supplement. On days when I feel like I'm going to faint, like when I've recently donated blood, and then my fertility cycle kicks in, I might take two Iron tablets, but I only do that on rare occassion, never more than once a month, because I know it takes the body longer than with most vitamins to get rid of excess iron.
  14. It would be interesting to do some experiments, fitting an aircraft with every technology available, including a device for detecting turbulence, and sending them into the Burmuda Triangle... Then again, some say the triangle's mysterious forces mess with technology and put it all out of wack. It would still be interesting though.
  15. Those look amazing! Have you been able to identify any of them at all? What do you think they were used for?
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