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  1. You know in science class I have been watching a show about string theory. String thoery is a piece of garbage but they did bring up a good point in the movie. In out universe the large like then planets and stars is ruled by the laws of General Relitivity while the small things like atoms are rules by Quantem Mechanics. Now obiously you can't have 2 sets of rules for one universe that's aburd. This comes to be a problem with things like back holes which gratitate with General Relitivity but move around each other like Quantem Mechanics. So I theorize this: if they are 2 of the same rules and are true for the same universe they must be equal. General Relitivity = Quantem Mechanics so... Quantem Mechanics - General Relitivity = 0 Bitches it took me 5 minutes to figure that out and most people spend there whole lifes. Suck it B)
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