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  1. I am stressed! This is not "quite amusing". This is cruel!
  2. I persistently repeat my demand. Delete my account and all my posts, please.
  3. Delete my account and all my posts, please.
  4. Spyman, you mock at Truth !
  5. After all it is necessary to read it! Suspiciousness is very bad human property offending other people. I have no financial benefit from my traffic.
  6. In the cycle of my posts the new Universe outlook concept is presented. From it the impossibility of the Big Bang follows. However it is impossible to deny cosmological expansion categorically. The infinite Universe which was always extends, and always was infinite. The niches formed at expansion, are filled with a matter — according to my concept — generated by vacuum. New galaxies are gradually formed of this matter.
  7. Big Bang was not. The reason of cosmological redshift — "ageing" of photons. My scientific concept does not give an occasion to Universe expansion.
  8. Swansont, delete your literary trash, and move my topic back!
  9. Elementary particle — autosoliton or the connected groups of autosolitons among fudls. They self-arise from vacuum — disorder area of the Lattice — owing to fluctuations of oscillatory and transfer activity of fudls. So, self-arisen photons represent not that other as "relic" radiation. Full text: http://vak.jino.ru/particles.html
  10. Vak

    My Cosmology

    The Universe existed, and will exist eternally. It not closed, its sizes are infinite. ... Full text: http://vak.jino.ru/cosmology.html
  11. INTRODUCTION Fundamental mechanics — new section of physics investigating structure of space and behaviour of its elements. Feature of fundamental mechanics is possibility of realisation of only virtual experiments with fundamental elements of space — for the obvious reason: these elements have extremely small size. Fundamental laws of physics — Postulates — can be postulated only, but are not deduced, as they do not follow from other physical laws, and very much the other way. To check up correctness of Postulates it is possible, having convinced by that from them known laws of physics follow. Correct basic physical laws did not manage to be created earlier a postulation method not because of an imaginary inaccuracy of this method that is why what not those laws were postulated. The real space represents the cubic lattice consisting from oscillated and interacted directed elements of fundamental length. There is no necessity to enter other fundamental objects. Thanks to presence at elements of a lattice of orientations, space polarisation — a physical field takes place. Elementary particles it autosolitons, consisting of elements of fundamental length. My new website: http://vak.jino.ru/
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