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  1. So after many months of agonizing pain, I finally got my website to a point where it is presentable. Check it out - http://www.thehowandwhy.com It's a strictly educational/tutorial resource site that explains the natural world and technological world in a conceptual and mathematical sense. Has some basic mathematical tutorials as well. Let me know what you think, and if you have any suggestions (or see any typos or content errors), please let me know here or on the forums over there. Thanks!
  2. Hey guys, I just made a website, and I wrote an article regarding the nature behind gyroscopic motion. Would some of you care to read it and see if it all makes sense or if there is something you would like me to include? Thanks the site is http://www.thehowandwhy.com/Gyroscopic.html
  3. i thought they would change because one you rotate the graph, the area enclosed by the graphs would also rotate to a new set of x values...
  4. i tried switching the variables, but that also would change the parameters of the integral...i believe in this case though the integral would be from -1 to 0. could someone double check this for me though?
  5. Ok, the instructions are to find the area of the region enclosed by the curves... x=y^3-4y^2 +3y and x=y^2-y the coordinates aren't given, but I have worked the y coordinated out to be 0, 1, and 3. This problem throws me off because of its in x in terms of y, instead of vice versa. Can anyone help me out as to how to approach graphing it. Thanks
  6. so no one here understands the answer to the my main question in this thread?
  7. bump the doppler effect... if the doppler effect applies to light, that would mean that when you move toward a source the light would get bluer, so would that speed up the waves relative to you, making them hit you at faster than C? i dont get how no matter your speed a light beam will always travel toward you at C, and away from you at C if you are chasing it.....
  8. mine is nachojoker on AIM
  9. well, astrophysicists are not exactly stupid. the majority of people here are not exactly stupid. if i ever run across questions about science that no one can explain to me, or if posting is too slow, doesn't help, etc, then perhaps someone who is willing to teach a student willing to learn can help those students out.
  10. i know, but hardly any are listed
  11. Do any of you guys use AIM, Yahoo, etc? If so, what are your screen names??
  12. cool..... i still dont understand one thing....you can be traveling .9999 the speed of light....and it will still be moving C away from you...but if you go .1 more...it will instantly stop. oh wait...that has to do with time stopping...not light, right?
  13. well no one has really explained why yet, just restated the fact. what is it about light waves that are different?
  14. Can someone explain how it is possible that the speed of light is constantly 670 million mph irrelevent of relative speed? how is it that you can be going 669 million mph yet light still accelerates toward you at the same rate??
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