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  1. CVD polycrystalline diamond is what you want you need to get yourself a sheet of diamond then all you would need to do is heat the sides of the diamond plate. As diamond is five times better at conducting heat then copper the heat would spread across the sheet very quickly. Don’t now how much they cost like probably quite a lot as the its new technology which allows sheets of diamond to be made. http://www.diamond-materials.com/disks_en.htm I wouldn’t mind some glasses made out of some of this stuff then they would be scratch proof.
  2. Not really it would be more like a float plane trying to take off in a fast flowing river going up stream. If the river was flowing to fast the plane would not be able to pickup enough speed to take off.
  3. I think both of you are correct if you had a conveyer belt which was as long as a runway and the conveyer belt could only run up to 100mph the plane could still take off. All it would need to do is to overcome the added drag from the wheels. But if the conveyer belt could spin at any speed as long as the drag caused by the belt on the wheels equalled the thrust of the engine then the plane would go nowhere and wouldn’t take off.
  4. That was my answer but other where saying that the plane would just travel down the conveyer belt just as it would down a runway the conveyer belt would have no impact on the plane as the wheels just roll and are not powered.
  5. A plane is on a conveyer belt which is turning in the opposite direction to way the plane is pointing. The belt can turn at any speed and we have indestructible tyres and bearings on the plane, could the conveyer belt stop the plane from taking off? I read this on another forum first and have been discussing it for ages so I have posted it here for you lot to have a go. Will it take off?
  6. Also could it have something to do with hitting the battery, as we all know battery produce there power through a chemical reaction and some chemical reactions can be sped up by agitating them. I wonder if this could be the case with a battery?.
  7. We have Bio fuels which normal engines will run on, Things like vegetable oil, alcohol.
  8. I see http://www.gizmag.com/go/4936/ Not exactly what I had thought off this seems to use a normal steam engine not a sterling engine but the same idea. Thought it was a good idea, thanks for that info.
  9. Why don’t car manufactures use Sterling heat engine to increase the efficiency of there cars. Most of the energy of a car engine is wasted though heat . They could use a Sterling engine to compliment the normal engine by using the heat from the exhaust to power the heat engine. Which then intern could power thinks like aircon which could increase the mpg by up to 5-25%. Just an idea.
  10. what would you do then release all the gas as soon as you crash and hope it will all dissipate. That’s fine if there isn’t any forms of ignition anywhere near to the cylinder. If there is you could end up with one hell of a blow torch.
  11. Thats another down side of using Hydrogen, the safety concerns of storing it. I wouldn’t feel safe driving around with high pressure Hydrogen under my seat its like driving around with a bomb. Petrol is highly flammable but not explosive unless under pressure or in mist form. Just think every time there was car fire or crash they would need to evacuate the a large area.
  12. Yes theories are always being refined, but when it comes to the age of the earth its not going to change much maybe a few million years here and there but not by billons of years.
  13. Man on Fire T2 Leon The Warriors Gladiator No cant do just 5 so here’s 6 and 7 Abyss and The Matrix.
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