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  1. yup yup ive heard excess bad, affects your immune system makes you more susceptible to infection. Thanks for your response ppl!!!
  2. We hear on the news and from the media all the time that exericse is beneficial to our health and is useful and in the management and prevention of heart disease, cardiovascular disease, overweight, Type 2 diabetes. Im just curious as to how that is. Like on a physiological level, how exactly does exercise improve out health? The only one that i know how exercise helps, is with type 2 diabetes. The rest, im stumped. :s
  3. rightio, ive done my research and written the essay. When i get it back, ill post it up if anyone's interested.
  4. i only know briefly about these two theories. i have been asked to compare and contrast the two theories and so far i have only come up with very little. * Both theories have many and valid criticism. * Psychoanalysis suggest that we have no control over our behaviour and is determined by the unconcious. Humanistic theory, on the other hand, gives humans psychological freedom. * Psychoanalytic theory says most of our motivations based on sex. Humanistic says we are motivated to grow and mature as people. Are there any other similarities and/or differences that you guys know and want to share? thanks in advance.
  5. i too used to be addicted badly to my computer. right now, ive been spending less time, albeit more than your average person. I find boredom to be an underlying factor. Lets face it, the reason why i was spending hours in front of my comp doing useless useless stuff that i dont even remember the next day, is because i have nothing better to do....quite sad really hehe. If you want to stop being so addicted to your computer, find a hobby like join a sports club, go out with your mates, etc.... It has worked wonders for me. It's just a matter of finding a more meaningful and useful way to occupy yourself. Im not saying boredom is the cause of all computer (or any other) addictions, but it certainly was in my case and im sure in many others as well.
  6. can someone confirm or correct this? * Strong bases are soluble in strong acids and vice versa. * weak acids are NOT soluble in strong acids. * weak bases are NOT soluble in strong base. * weak acids CAN dissolve in weak acids * weak bases CAN dissolve in weak bases. what about weak acid in weak base? are they soluble? Thanks in advance.
  7. hey guys, im a first year pharm student and ive run into a lil bit of a pickle here. What are the effects on action potentials for having high concentrations of K+ in extracellular fluid? As I understand it, during an action potential there is Na+ influx which depolarises (makes more positive) the cell. Once threshold membrane potential is reached, an AP occurs. Then there is a K+ efflux to repolarise (more -ve) the cell. If there is increased concentration of K+ on the outside, the rate of K+ efflux would decrease so repolarisation will occur more slowly. THIS WILL MEAN AP OCCUR LESS FREQUENTLY / SLOWLY. So, the inside of the cell will be more positive than before because less K+ has left the cell. This means the resting membrane potential is closer to threshold. THIS MEAN AP CAN OCCUR MORE EASILY. can someones please confirm or correct my above statements? Im just a first year student so im a newb at this stuff but ill try contribute to this forum whenever i can.
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