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  1. I've never been on a PA school admissions committee, but I'm a PA student, and my strong feeling is this: any single problem with an application can be overcome. Your GPA is good. You sound motivated. Since verbal is an area of (potential) weakness in your application, you want to present an application that proves this is just a blip and not a major issue in your application. A well written essay would go a long way to satisfying this need. If you write one and they still have concerns, they will likely interview you to see how you present. Do you seem articulate? Are you sharp? A strong interview would definitely put any doubts they still have to rest. Numbers are just numbers, and all they do is get your foot in the door. Any one that is weak can be overcome - as long as you think strategically about how they will respond to reading it. They are human, and they will want to know more about you, which is your chance to set the record straight. I have written a couple articles on things like essays, interviews, medical experience, letters of recommendation, and other stuff related to PA school applications. I also invite you to check out my blog, Inside PA Training, which follows a buddy's and my time at UCD School of Medicine's Family Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant Program. It's free, fun, and hopefully informative. Drop by and leave a comment, post an update on your application experience, take a poll, or ask a question. We're all ears, so to speak. Good Luck!
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