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  1. Thanks again! It's good the world have smart people that understands so it can be translated to understandable words for us lesser knowledgable
  2. Thanks, i think this last posts made it clear for me. My imaginary football field would simply not work... ..i know that dark matter and dark energy is not the same. Don't know where you saw that.. but it must have been misspelled Ohh.. are there any calculations done on accelerating expansion speed versus mass gain of the universe?
  3. Yes, galaxies are the strongest zones of gravity that we can see. But could there be something outside of our view that are stronger and thus explain the increase of speed of the expansion?
  4. You are taking it too litterally.. the shape doesn't actually matter. It was just one way to express my thoughts. You have an outer shape which is the universe, and many small inside it which are galaxies, stars and planets. The kick where to represent the force (big bang) that slung this away. They are slung forward not backwards thus expanding and speed rises due to it getting closer to a gravital ground. Little what i have been trying to say although "kick" is the wrong word for it. It's was more to represent the force of big bang. My post was actually more about dark energy than the big bang. I don't see why it is needed. It's like... first we thought the earth was flat, then we knew it was round.. then we discovered it was not the center.. then we understod the sun was not the center.. and so on. We adapt our science after what we can see and calculate. If you add a different variable the previous could all be wrong/faulty. We can not see the borders of our universe.. who can say that our universe is the only? Our universe could be a "galaxy" of many universes. Something out there could have a greater gravital force..
  5. Yeah, the over simplification was not good... but it was the only thing i could think of that would explain what i was thinking. Maybe a cylinder with small metal balls inside it would have been better..? The earths spinning negates that gravital pull.. in the same way why we don't fall into the sun eventhough the sun has a much greater mass than the earth. One bang would send the "football" in one direction.. another one would send a "fotball" a different way. If the bang happened inside the "football" it would send the pieces in all directions (but probably not from the balls center). How did the spinning occur? Pretty much every thing with enough mass spins..
  6. So you mean that our observations say that some parts are going backwards.. toward the big bang? In what direction according to the big bang are we moving? I thought everything was moving away from the big bang.
  7. This made it clearer.. but that must be if you thinking gravity as a spot. Like a black hole. I am thinking it like the "ground" or as a "flor". If the ball breaks, the pices would not contract to eachother. They would extract due to speed and land far from eachother. The earlier the brakage where the further from eachother the parts will land. true.. but are the universe moving up, down, left or right? Right now we just know we are the ball. In my theory.. below us. Gravity are weaker on the sides why the "pieces" move apart from eachother. This is another thing i have been wondering about... it seams like gravity works in different entities. Like our solar system, or galixy and so on. So this should probably apply on our universe too. Its like gravity and speed keeps this different entities intakt. Gravity and speed have concluded to what we see to day.. As this things have been developed under a hugh amount of time it has stabilized on it's path. edit: Also.. right now the universe is like a gas giant. The longer the time goes the colder the gas will be and the heavier it will become.
  8. Thanks for your reply. So you mean that dark energy pulls us faster than gravity could? How is that? Gravity also pulls faster depending on the mass that pulls... If you sat on the "ball" and it breaks you would probably see the sourounding parts going faster too when it starts to fall towards the ground especially if it gains weight. It's like kicking a ball that gradually turn in to iron and let's say the ball was kicked in the air and not from the ground. That should make us increasingly go faster. This theory don't need dark energy. Also.. we don't know in what direction we are going. The mass of the "ground" would be a lot more masive than anything else so it would have a pull greater than ever imagined before.
  9. Thanks will do that. I just don't get the dark energy. Why invent something new when you could explain it by using current knowledge. Those more knowledgable at this must know something i don't
  10. I got an idea after have watched a documentary of the expanding universe. The scientist said that dark energy took hold of universe after 5 billion years after the big bang and thus the universe expands faster and faster. To me it sound more like they don't know why it is expanding but needed a hypotes to explain it. So they invented dark energy. But what if Dark Energy acctually is Gravity? If the universe was a football and the big bang a foot. Wouldn't that do the same? If you put 10 billion years force behind a kickof a fotball.. wouldn't it first rise a bit and then go down and accelerate cause of gravity before it hitts the ground.. Especially when taking in count that the galaxies are gaining mass? So could it be plausable that dark matter doesn't exist and that the expansion would be gravity?
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