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  1. I had it so it would print any errors in text on the page and tell me waht the problem was, but instead I got an error 500 and I have no idea what that means. The owners of the site are not helpful and if I mail them all i get is an automatic response that doesnt address the problem... Great customer service. -Scorpio
  2. I have set it up so it will print the errors but it never prints them. It is as if the script is not be executed. If it is possible, the server may have restricted file uploads. I can make the script create a file, as in a counter but I can not make it upload a file. I worked on this for a week and a half and decided it was useless. There arent enough people with CGI or Perl knowledge to get help. -Scorpio
  3. It does support PHP and I would like the script, but I really was wondering why the it wasnt working. I uploaded it about 20 times. Making small changes to it. I took the code straight from a book even, to be sure that there would be no mistakes. I uploaded it in ASCII form and I know that the perl works because I made a counter. So let me say it one more time, "What the deal yo?!?"
  4. At one point I did CHMOD them all to 777. Do you think the server could be restricting me from uploading files? Or do you have any idea how else I can allow a user to upload a file to a website?
  5. I think I had the directory at 777 and the cgi script at 766 the html file was 777 also I believe. What do you think they should be?
  6. then it is undecryptable if it is undecryptable then there is no point of encryption then you are no longer encrypting you are corrupting.
  7. I have only used condoms. I tried spermicidal condoms once. They have a bad odor and not only that the condom seemed much smaller. I actually couldn't use them. I was really mad I wanted to get action that night but I couldnt. Anyway, I have never had a condom break on me. Condoms will cut it, but if I remember what my teacher said in health class condoms are 93% effective. Spermicidal lubricants are 75%. If you use them together (condom and lube) they are 99% effective. The only way it isnt 100% is if you dont let the lube become active. I hear it takes 15 min for it to work in. And most of us are not that patient...
  8. yea and just as long to decrypt. It would take a long time. and which makes it about as useless as tits on a bull. And still it is crackable.
  9. I have some scripts that would allow a user to upload a file to a server but I have never got it to work. These are straight from books so I know they work. I have the CHMOD right. I am wondering, does anyone think that a server can restrict a certain script and if so how can I be sure before I spend a bunch of money on a server. If anyone knows why this might not be working please respond. Thanks
  10. This is where to submit your questions about Perl/CGI. Please answer any of the questions if you know the answer.
  11. Anything that is decryptable is crackable. It is simple as that there is no such thing as an uncrackable encryption. No matter how complex anything is encrypted, if it can be decrypted it can be cracked.
  12. Simple knowledge would keep you from hurting yourself. The first thing you learn are what are the strong bases and acids. If you hurt yourself it is simply because you didnt listen or you did something wrong. The experiments you do in HS are really very simple and basic. Listen and do your homework and you wont get hurt in class. There was a girl in my Chem class who picked up some NaOH with her bare hands. She was rushed down to the nurses office and her hands were burned pretty bad. The teach must have said dont touch it to your skin about 15 times. If you hurt yourself after all that then too bad. You didnt listen and you are stupid.
  13. Scorpio


    It is true for some that life is acceptable. I believe that if death is what you want you should be able to be dead. Everyone knows that death is forever. So once it happens it is over with. If there should be any rule, there should be counciling for anyone who wants to die. If they still want to die after the counciling kill them. So they dont hurt the rest of us.
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