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  1. Where the organization announced the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research in Australia, CSIRO today announced the first discovery is very surprising, when I discovered that there were nine new species of fish, which are not already on the bottom of the sea!! Know this wonderful fish you see in the picture as "a Pink Handfish", one of the family Handfishs that have been discovered for the first time in 1999 in the Tasman Peninsula, Australia. Strangely, this family is a distinctive fish used their fins to walk on the seabed and the ocean rather than swim, so scientists dubbed the "fish with a hand" to use their fins Koidi going out on the seabed and the ocean! Scientists say that these fish were "walk" in the seas and oceans of the world 50 million years ago, but do not exist today only in the southern and eastern Australia only.! What really amazes me is that we increased our progress as the more our ignorance and our sense of the extent of the right way before all this beauty in which we live, which makes sense when we remember that we are not talking about creativity, like any innovation, we are talking beauty of the universe The exciting part is that this is the first time you see the pink fish with the hand they are still alive since 1999, which will lead scientists to formally considered a new type of fish species. The CSIRO has published these images in research calls for more attention and protection of the rich marine life in Australia
  2. Jordanian citizen of installing a new engine on a car As an alternative to the current drive ability than about 20 times the capacity of a traditional engine and reduces fuel consumption by 70 percent. The advantage of the engine which was invented by Mohammed Khalil Asendr small size, light weight and longevity for adoption on the "rolling" and the lack of friction between the pieces and reduce the rate of emission of harmful gases to the environment. The advantage of being free of the problems of cooling and lubricating the motor facing the traditional reliance on air cooling system four-stroke internal combustion according to the inventor. He told the Jordanian news agency that although the capacity of "new engine" of 800 cc However, the magnitude of engine power than a conventional (20) times and cut fuel consumption by 70 percent for the consumption of conventional vehicles where the engine enables the car to walk a distance of 700 kilometers every twenty liters of petrol. Asendr / 53 years That the engine that has been done in three years does not need maintenance for a few breakdowns, adding that he can be replaced in the event where his unemployment weighs more than "70 kilograms" shall not exceed the price (thousand) dinars. He pointed out that this engine, which was adopted by 37 industrial nations including the United States, Japan and European countries by Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Intellectual Property register. The Regional Director explained to the patents in Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Intellectual Property Engineer Ahmed Zoubi that the institution is the authority for registration of a patent, Mr. Asendr in various countries around the world, pointing out that the institution concerned, through its seventy-deployed around the world registered patents, trademarks, industrial designs and copyright . Asendr reviewed the obstacles it faced in the implementation of the invention, which is limited to the lack of technical means, technical and equipment needed, which arranged for engineers implementing the extra mile. Action Asendr holder of a high school in the public sector as a technician mechanics and moved to the United Arab Emirates to work in the field of transport and shipping. He Asendr hope to contribute to his invention in the face of rising prices of oil derivatives by reducing the rate of spent fuel in vehicles is now reducing their prices after the adoption of his invention, which reduces the pieces made from 300 pieces to 156 pieces thus saving cost as well as providing new job opportunities in the States implementing the invention. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LEZKK8o20M8&feature=related
  3. Mobile phone charging heat: If you want to charge your phone put it in your pocket!! The picture you watch above is the design of phone carries the name of the Nokia E-Cu and the advantage of being shipped by heat, where the idea that the work on the existence of generators thermal covers your phone and you convert heat into electrical energy, so if you want to charge your phone all you need to do is put it in your pocket! The idea of creation of British designer who wanted Patrick Helland from which he drew attention to the impact of waste electrical chargers on the environment. The body of the phone was designed from copper and carved on its surface cracks cracks like dry earth to express the impact of pollution and global warming on our planet As for the name Vtm called Nokia E-Cu because the e stands for environment environment Cu symbol for copper. Says designer phone that Chargers mobile phones that do not work a 51 000 tons of waste each year, as well as they lead to increased carbon emissions through the generation of electricity consumed for the shipment of phones, so it made Patrick Helland this phone which does not need a charger because the ship itself. (Source)
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