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  1. Why not indeed? I agree with you, I'll probably do the math minor at least. You should too.
  2. I am currently a high school senior, and I have a wide array of interests in numerous fields of science. Would major or double major/set of minors would best allow me to include chemical/mechanical engineering, physics, and mathematics? I've considered chemical engineering with minors in math and physics, or double majoring in chem and mech engineering. Anyone have any advice or experience with this?
  3. Not necessarily. Maybe natural talent at logic and critical thinking (which lends greatly to mathematics) but not necessarily math.
  4. That's an interesting idea, but I think that leaving them separate would be in the best interests of the universities. The disadvantages you listed are precisely why it works so well separately. As prestigious as MIT is, it isn't really an Ivy League school. It is a nerdfest (which I say with the utmost reverence). Not to mention it would also, in some ways, end Harvard and MIT, both of which have incredible legacies and accomplishments. I think that they should remain separate. However, I think that they should strengthen their ties and collaborations. Perhaps allow MIT students to use Harvard's library or other similar measures?
  5. I'm doing an environmental science project. I've located a tobacco barn, and I'm taking air, water, and soil samples around the barns and away from them to see the difference in composition. I have pretty solid tests for the water and soil samples, and I've laid out particulate strips for the air, but I would like to do a qualitative analysis of some air samples. Do you have any ideas for relatively cheap (<$100) qualitative tests for air samples? Thanks!
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