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  1. I lisned to the universe in a nutshell and the grand designe. I think what Hawkings like his American counterpart Michi Kaku, are trying to do is put in as much Layman terms as they can new theretical thinking, The god hypothosis was clearly a sales tenicque, and Hawking only said you don't need God he didn't say there isn't one , and I feel he wanted to distance himself from the Religious lot who claimned beautifull desisng and the anthrpic Principle and the Big Bang PROVED that God exist. Ther's a little bit too much Hawking Knocking going on in the forever Fasionable world of compotition amoungs Theoreticl Physics, 'which admitadly Hawking is not exemt from himself', but as someone who desperatly would love to understand the lot in very very very Laymans terms ,at least he has a bash at it. For instance hers a question , if shinning a light on a photon or Buckball in the two slit experiment alters the destination of multiple historys, when you are not looking dose multiple histories go on only in the dark and once there is anouther source of light reverts back to classical physics. Heres anouther question. How do you some over Histories if the histories and hence the sum is infinate you would never get to the end of the calculation? Anouther thing these books are always welcom theres a publishers caled icon books in Cambridge that could do wirth more introducing books on these type of subjects, thoreticl or fact, most facts strt off theritical nayway, and the public being of the speciese 'homo sapien sapien'being very curious and very tmprometal and dangerouse, need to know what were all about, before they do something silly like blow us all up, so all you budding scientists could mabe stop bickering and start writting
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