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  1. There is hardly any information on copper II borate on the web. Wikipedia has just a picture of the compound. I'm interested in making it... it's my goal to make all possible combination of copper based chemicals. Can someone help me out? Here's what I've done so far. I've got a solution of copper II sulfate and mixed it with a solution of sodium borate (borax). This produces sodium sulfate in solution while copper II borate (or tetraborate?) ppt. Am I correct in this? Is there another way of making copper II borate? (ie. boric acid and copper carbonate??) Any help would be appreciated. thanks in advance.
  2. Hey I just got your message, sorry its been sometime since I signed in. Mixing H2SO4 with NaOAc in equal molar ratios creates acetic acid and sodium sulfate. Its simple distillation at that point but it tends to burn the AcOH. I have found a new means of extracting the Acetic acid very clean and quick using Dichloromethane and If you look over at science madness you can find some comments I made.

  3. Does anyone have any experience making copper II acetate? I can think of two ways. the first way is to react copper II carbonate with white distilled vinegar but that is going to require alot of vinegar. the second way is to react ammonia solution with copper sulfate and then add some sodium hydroxide followed by vinegar. Does anyone have other suggestion that might give a good yield?
  4. To VetteLover thanks alot for your suggestion. I have barium chlorate so I'll try that this coming weekend.
  5. Hi Sedit

    I read your comment about having distilled conc. acetic acid with sulfuric and sodium acetate anhydrous. Can u tell me a little more info. First, do you have any notes on the whole procedure or know where I can get it. second, how long does it take for finish the distillation. third, at what temp is the distillate coming over to the receiving flask. thanks.

  6. I was wondering how you can make this chemical. I heard from the "benzoic" topic that copper chlorate is unstable. So I want to make sure before moving forward. My thinking was to mix a solution of potassium chlorate and copper sulfate to produce copper chlorate and insoluble potassium sulfate. Am I headed in the right direction? Suggestions would be welcomed!
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