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  1. To clear this up, lets say that I have a furry sphere with all the hairs combed in the same direction, almost all, will I have a vector that looks like (0) (0) Actually would the same rules apply to "four vectors?"
  2. The flat earth society still exists? Now that is a shame.
  3. Energy has always been defined as a scalar quantity since it measures magnitude but, of course has no direction. (E.g. temperature) And as we know vectors have magnitude and direction. (E.g: Velocity) However, there are 4 dimensions. Our three spacial dimensions and then the fourth: Time. Now as I understand it, everything in the universe is travelling through the fourth dimension at lightspeed. So while energy has no typical direction it has a forwards direction in time. So energy in one place, 3 seconds later, will have traveled forwards (4 dimensionally) by "3 seconds" So isn't energy technically a vector?
  4. "causation" is not a proper noun. It is incorrect to use it in the way you have, which is why it is nonsense. Another example would be "What is bluer than blue?" Anything "bluer" would obviously just be blue.
  5. So if I am understanding you correctly: There has to be somewhere on the sphere where one of the vectors is zero. Is that right? I know that a vector is magnitude AND direction, so is the magnitude zero and the direction also zero?
  6. What do you mean by "non-zero global sections?" What are they?
  7. Yes & No. Spontaneous things can happen out of the blue, but they wouldn't happen if the thing from which they were spontaneously emmitted, didn't exist. So if a radioactive substance didn't exist then neither would any following emmisions.
  8. I've heard of this mathematical theorem but could someone explain it to me, in very, very short words and simple sentences?
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