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  1. Having no job. You can't lose it, if you don't have it.
  2. Mathematics. Chaos theory, black swans etc.etc.
  3. Oh I'm sorry, I was unaware of the earlier hypothesis.
  4. I don't see how you could get continental drift without plate tectonics. Please enlighten. I don't really see the problem with what I said. Surely you could add seismic activity and convection to get a clompleter story.
  5. Satellites have/can/will measure the movement of the plates. Which is a couple of centimers per year if I am correct. Besides that, it is also the theory which fits best with the data. It explains why we find rocks normally found in the tropics or deserts in areas surrounding the poles but even on antarctica itself. You could also think about fossils which match on very different continents and magnetite in magmatic rocks which point to very different poles than we have today. Surely you could find a theory for everyone of them, but as far as I am aware of continental drift is the only one that links them all.
  6. You already have the equation! D = V + 1/2 a (t)^2 You know the vertical velocity is 0. So V=0. Which leaves you with D= 1/2*a*t^2. You know D (distance)=250 and a=9.81 (depends on where you live). Solving for t does give you 7.14 seconds. Your problem probably is that you don't know that horizontal speed and vertical speed are two seperate things. Your second question is the same as the first.
  7. Only humans have a sense for beauty which is not triggered by the need to reproduce.
  8. You do know that by making that part of the earth cooler means ice ages in other parts of the world right? It's a stupid idea. Donating money to the third world will not help in the long run either, unless it is a large quantity to pull the economy over the poverty threshold. That along with councelling on how to run a business and use renewable resources should however do the trick.
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