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  1. respond I think it's completely the brain, the parallel processor. parallel -> In split brain experiment we see two different personalities and separate willings. Every region 've its own duties. So when we touch with electrots and stimuli them we get what it corresponds to. So we get the brain map. Like phantom organs we don't have to have the organ its just the brains calculation. (Creating a dynamic representative model of what it's) They play role. The role is they adjust the weights of nodes,maybe threshold of soma and stimulies it. But at the end of the day they all become digital gates or 0,1 yes or not. I thing feeling is representing what's outside and telling the motor cortex move it its hot through a channel automatically. We thing we do it but there is a casual background. Things are decided before we consciously aware of our decide. SOo so I think -| brain We observe where->in the brain what->brain why->random genetic changes were selected that way over time but we don't know how completely yet.
  2. Thanks, hydra is what I meant. If I want to see the neurons of hydra and model to computer , would that be possible for a regular guy? If possible what kind of microscope (capability of zoom maybe) would I need? (I would like to track the evolutionary path from simplest to complicated to see when where and how pain occurs) Worms act like they have pain when you sting copper wire on em I don't think hydra 'd. What do you think ?
  3. What is the simplest living form that have neurons. I only know worm. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Worm Is there simpler one?
  4. We can not observe all of our universe, right? Than why not. when i try to imagine,it always looks like biosphere (maybe lack of my imagination) But i realized that when atoms combine and constitutes higher things like organs it does not seem like atoms anymore yet they are.
  5. Sorry I am always late to check the answers. I painted a pic to illustrate what i think. As a summary god can't be out of the Universe that its effecting. By the way thank you i never realized to use upper U after 'the' . I'm not a native eng.
  6. How many fingers they have exactly i cant count. But this one looks like have 5
  7. (logic of dominoes) Everything have an general algorithm in our universe.Everything is connected (no free willing;)).If somthng have no connections than its not existed.So one part of universe can be calculated by other part but the whole universe can not be calculated by itself. If you want to calculate our universe with a bigger one than they have become a universe because they interacted. Its like you have a x86 p4 3ghz processor that simulates a pic.But you can not ask it to simulate a x86 p4 3ghz processor. Hevvy stuff
  8. Thanks for your reply. So axon and the dentrite behave like two different poles of the magnet when axon have a signal pulse for dentrites around it. Good model to think on. But there is a true path have to be chosen.I think neurons musn't link when they found each other firing randomly. Also we must reduce the circuits to the digital electronic level (We must find feed backs and,or,nor gates there) Most importantly how this gates are programed the true way. Also there is a good flash game for learning neuron i want to add. http://www.childrenshospital.org/research/_neuron/index.html
  9. Ok. To intrigue,i want to put some ideas. You can watch this to have idea what im talking about. "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DF04XPBj5uc&feature=related" At 2:09 in time line you can see 2 neurons are connecting.Thats what i'm asking.How does this happining. Also there is a big project called bluebrain.There are good points. "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RLCT3wU4fek&p=59285E3135BA0ABA&playnext=1&index=20" And a related documentary from discovery channel.You can download it and watch it.One of man is creating evoluationary intelligence corresponding to worms. Discovery Channel Next World 2of6 Future Intelligence. ANd a mathematical formula of a neuron you can read right from belove link but unable to creat new connections. http://en.wikipedia....tificial_neuron Even if you have little ideas pls share.
  10. According to formula Speed=frequancy*wavelengt frequancy is fixed and glass decreases the speed. So wavelenght will be decreased.
  11. My way of thinking evolution is it only occures when gens has changed which is contained by sperm and egg that are going to creat zygote and going to be chosen by nature. Of course thats for the creatures whose reproducting is by sex.Rest of the cells situation is only important for creatures life.
  12. I think you' re wrong.The formula is F=k0.m1.m2/r2 therefore if radius is smaller the planet will hold a thicker atmosphere with the same mass.But the total radius including atmospher would be smaller.
  13. It reminds me of a cool stuff called peltier. http://www.wordiq.com/definition/Peltier_effect I dont understand how it works but maybe the same event can occure in capacitor. Because there is electron movment,loss,gain Also the same event can happen without semiconductors.
  14. I guess its because object with mass bents too.But as proportion it may wont work.We have to build an experiment to measure the proporion between mass and light to find out that will mass be attracted more than its expected. If im on something else than what you wrote sorry. I find nothing strange about this.I thing its due to atmosphere pressure of the earth.If we could vanish earth's atmosphere,gravity would have no effect on evaporation.Atmospher squashes things (pressure) so its easier to get closer for molecules.
  15. If the resistance is fixed the only way to increase the current is to increase voltage. [resemble] Voltage is the pressure in the pipe system.Current is the amount of the flowing particle (may h2o) per unit time.Resistance is the diameter of the pipe.
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