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    SCUBA diving, sky diving, rock climbing, playing with my kids, teaching science, home brewing dark, strong beer, and... let's say... break dancing!
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    Marine Bio & Education
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    Marine Bio & Oceanography
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    Married, 2 great kids. Fondest dream/wish: to move to Cozumel where I can teach, dive, and research ecology and preservation of coral reefs.
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    Elementary Science Teacher
  1. Sweet! I think that will settle it. Thanks for the response.
  2. OK, I feel confident I know the answer to this, but my colleague refuses to accept my explanation. It's silly since the answer to this is not all that relevant, but as a teacher, I want to be sure I am not teaching concepts that are technically incorrect... That being said, I believe water vapor & steam (steam is a common type of vapor, right?) are totally invisible. The argument/common misconception is that you can see steam in the form of the little white cloud rising above a tea kettle or steam vacuum. It is my understanding though, that the little white cloud is just that... a clou
  3. That's pretty much what I was thinking, I just wanted to get at least some confirmation before I taught it to my kids. Thanks so much for responding!
  4. I am teaching density in my 5th grade science class and came across an intriguing question. We made a density column and noticed something interesting. The top layer of our density column is isopropyl alcohol colored blue. The layer just beneath it is some vegetable oil. What we noticed is all the layers separated in a flat line... except the blue alcohol. It dipped down into the oil layer as though filling a bowl. I speculated to myself that this might be the result of the oil bonding easier with the graduated cylinder than itself, causing a meniscus, and the less dense alcohol just filled in
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