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  1. in space travel, the last thing to think about would be decoration
  2. well they might want to land were they see a lot of creatures
  3. i dout our race will last 1 billion years.unless wereach the type 3 stage civilization faster. i thing in 1 billion years the human race would have evolved very much tothe point were not human anymore.
  4. how would the US government respond to an alien landing? P.S. im going to see that movie skyline, who is with me
  5. hmm u make a pint but i think it was much more recent like twards the end of the cold war crisis
  6. the universal speed limit is the speed of light but there might be ways around that
  7. well we dont know anything about a black hole except it large amount of gravity. for all we know it does destroy everything from existance or it could be a passage to another part of the universe since there have been reports of white hole or it could lead to another dimension or even another universe
  8. the government would assume worst case scenario, they always do
  9. well depending on the actions we take and the way those aliens would respond might cause a large conflict
  10. in read a lot of books and this was one of the subjects. what do you think they would do if an alien ship landed in time square.
  11. just one life form telling the others wat to do is governing them
  12. if an alien space ship landed in the middle of time squar, the government would quarantine the area and everyone whom saw it even if it were 1000+ people. they would take the alien and study everything about its anatomy. they would check the ship for any hazard material using level 4 bio suits then take that in for study to learn how it got here. the alien would be alive for study about it in particular then kill it to study inside. this might trigger a conflict but thats how the government would handle it. they wouldnt even consider starting a conflict. all the people that were quarantined would be paid to keep shut and kept under heavy watch b the government for awile.
  13. how dou know,maybe the aliens are insectoid type organism
  14. i do believe there was once life on mars since it had an earth-like magnetic field and similar atmospere.
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