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  2. You sir will be the middle piece! Edit: And as for swallowing you'll have plenty of time my little iNow Section of the centipede. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jH0oLuCWulg
  3. You guys are idiots... I thought I would let the world witness my superiority, but you cannot shallow it. There is much much creativity in Medicine, and you will realize that when I bring my dream to life. The incarnation of my genius. THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE!!!! I'm going to bring the next step in evolution, I'm going to force the hand of natural selection for the betterment of our world! I may be seen as an imbecile now, but I assure you the next generations will bow before me, my image will never die, I will become a GOD!!! And all you little worms will reach your evolutionary purpose either you like it or not. You may struggle as the human centipedes. but then humankind will rise as a cocoon to a butterfly. Behold my Legacy!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9wmTv2nqTHo
  4. Very well, but before I do, let me clarify that: -I wasn't the one that claimed your opinions are minor bullshit but the one who tried to explain himself better. -If I'm wrong in anything then that's why I'm here, to get corrected. -I didn't put you in the same category as iNow in respect to your hostility, rather than the fact you don't seem to understand my point. -I'm really not here to argue, just get some extra advice... If you can help me then thank you, if not then thank you, but don't bother posting... So here's the answer to your question in hopes it will put an end to the heated posting: My grandfather had been working on the red cross, my uncle is a general pathologist and my aunt a psychologist. Regarding the first two they've always been telling me stories about their work, how a patient was sick and nobody could figure out what they had, doctors had contradicting theories, when that old doctor came up with a theory no one else could think. Or when that nurse diagnosed a patient better than a doctor and secretly treated him. It got her fired, but she cured him. Now you might say that either these are 1% cases, or that my family likes Dr House too much... Or you can just give me some advice politely. My aunt told me that there is nothing really interesting in psychology and that psychiatry is a field with much future and improvement.
  5. Yes of course its evidence. Like when calling someone hysteric over and over until he gets mad and afterwords claiming he proves your point. That's an old tactic isn't it? I mean look at you... You "don't give a flying frak" and you say words like "whatever" and "bullshit" proving you are really cool, while I'm just the defensive guy, because I care to explain things. Or maybe the fact that I'm answering is further proof? I also see you come from the politics section and this along with your attitude says a lot. I'm sure you feel really powerful arguing over the internet. I'm going to stop feeding you now. Edit: Seriously forum, I didn't expect this. I chose this forum just because it's "science" forums. I expected intelligent people to get some advise from, but what I got, except from two posts, is angry keyboard warriors. What a lovely community...
  6. The fact that I wanted to clear things up is defensive, huh? You seem to forget my purpose here is to get advise and I'm sure not going to get it by starting to utter "fuck you"s to anyone with an objection. Simply put: "Being defensive" as you call it => answers "Being offensive" or "Being apathetic" => no answers I seek answers therefore... you get how it goes. Actually I'm answering to minor bullshit right now, so maybe you are right. (That's Sarcasm)
  7. Ok, maybe it was my fault for not clarifying this from the beginning. I didn't mean I want to disregard the well tested routines and procedures, rather than being creative on the areas that a system hasn't been yet completely established. Regarding psychiatry, what I understand is that we are far away from understanding the human psyche in many areas, yet. Areas where a system is incomplete or is in the process of being invented, hence my desire to contribute whatever small piece I can. As for Dr. House, why would you assume that I base important life choices like career, based on an unrealistic show about a jerk? If all the fuzz is about the word "creative", then forget about it. I wouldn't want you to think the idea of injecting twins' hearts' with chloroform fascinates me. "Contributing creatively", sound better?
  8. I didn't claim I want to do something creative like it's an art, I said I want to think creatively and I certainly didn't mention anything about responsibility. There is a difference between "not being bound by a system" and "using humans as guinea pigs, to try my absurd ideas".
  9. Thanks guys for all your great answers, you all have been really helpful. I have to admit at first I was afraid no one would answer, but you proved me wrong. Thanks B)
  10. Chuck Norris! Or maybe a Crayon?
  11. Hello everyone! So, I joined this forum for the sole purpose of getting some advice on this... I'm in that point in my life, that I have to decide which path I should follow, regarding education, career. I have settled in what the title says, the body or the mind. What I seek is for something most challenging. Something that leaves space for new ideas to flourish, instead of memorizing a system and acting upon it, with minimal room for creativity. Therefore I ask you kind souls, what do you think fits best? If not the aforementioned, any other suggestions? Thanks in advance.
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