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  1. Hi! Thank you so much for replying . I'm actually working on quantitative analysis of aflatoxin-dna adducts in the liver of sprague-dawley rats to test the chemopreventive property of a particular drug that is believed to inhibit its formation process. Literature tells me that HPLC with fluorescence detector, accelerated mass spectrometry, radio isotyping etc. are common means to examine afla-dna adducts but these are not available at hand and very expensive too. I was trying to come up with a much simpler method yet will yield reliable results that will convince my panelists of the credibility of my data. I'm a chemistry major by the way but my work is in biochemistry-related. My adviser wants to see chemistry in my work. I will have to defend my work to three panelists after to get my masters degree. Scicop: yup... HPLC-UV is primarily used only in so many other experiments as purification system for the adduct. However, due to limited resource, i was thinking of using it to quantify my adduct as well. I think this is possible if I have set of standards to compare with anyway. But can this method stand? Biowizard: Hi.. I checked the paper already. The methods were alright except that they used urine samples for the analysis. Problem is I am dealing with liver samples Zyncod: Yup comet assay! Actually, COMET assay was my initial plan since it can detect presence of DNA damage. Indeed, its method is quite simple... but my adviser made me focus on quantifying the adduct first... *sigh* Guys, thanks soooooo much!!!!! I'll wait again for your replies!
  2. Need serious help: Can DNA adducts be measured quantitatively by HPLC-UV alone? (Aflatoxin-DNA adducts in particular) What are other methods that I could use in measuring Aflatoxin-DNA adducts that are not so expensive yet will yield reliable results? Thanks:-)
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