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  1. Would any initial speed of iron-projectile before entering the Gauss-field slow the velocities down or encrease the velocity after the pull of the Eddy-currents? SWIM are spesificly thinking of giving the projectile an initial gas-pressure induced by an Airsoft-40 mm.grenade-shell, but would like to get specs regarding the practical effects the coils would give in velocities. Thoughts,anyone?
  2. Yes, Im thinkin of the steam-way. Ive worked with steam-destill.\separation before, Its called a Kjeldahl's destillation. But I dont know what the steam would do to the lipids and arom.oils mentioned in my init.post. Could I use low temp.instead of the superheated steam? (I mean, when ure working with inorganic, u can speed up the dest.time and the yield of dest. If the steam is led over a 10 cm.section of ironpiping,thats being heated with some sort of el.element or if u're working with good ventilation\nonflammable solvents u can use a propaneheater or a kind of bignozzeled blowtorch, on lowest output from a distance, just after and just before its led into the Drechscler-pyrex. So the steam holds about 2-300 C.) But in this setting, I guess its the respect.temps of decomp.that sets the limits?
  3. Im looking for a substitute for butane, (and co2, since I dont got the equipm.to make it safe enough DIY) Its certain aromatic oils in some swiss seasonflowers, that I want to extract without getting all the other fatty stuff\lipids in the extraction..Butane is too dangerous, and co2 needs far to high pressure too work with. (I have to do several runs)
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